Senator Mike Doherty Will Be Our Guest On The LaRossa and Gallagher Radio Show

By Art Gallagher

State Senator Mike Doherty will be our guest for the first half hour of this afternoon’s LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys Radio Show which will be broadcast live on WIFI AM 1460 and on the Internet here from 5PM till 6PM. The show is sponsored by Repatriot Radio.

Doherty has been traveling the state encouraging municipalities to support his school funding reform plan.

The Borough of Oceanport past a resolution in support of the plan last week.  Councilman Joe Irace said,

“Our School District is one of the many treated unfairly by the State of New Jersey when school aid dollars are appropriated.  According to Senator Mike Doherty, our Borough gets back $0.01 for each dollar we send to Trenton.
If all school tax revenue collected by New Jersey were to be distributed equally to each student, it would equate to $7,481 per student.  Given our enrollment projections, adoption of this plan would result in an increase in State school, aid of $4,122,031.00 annually.  This change would provide meaningful tax relief for Oceanport residents immediately.”

During the second half hour former State Senator Dick LaRossa and I will be discussing  the negotiations happening in Washington over the federal debt ceiling and taking your calls.

If you would like to be part of the show, call into 609-447-0236 or 609-447-0237.

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One Comment on “Senator Mike Doherty Will Be Our Guest On The LaRossa and Gallagher Radio Show”

  1. Critic said at 6:36 pm on July 26th, 2011:

    Art, I didn’t catch all of the show. When I was able to turn in, some guy was rambling on incoherently about Social Security bonds and some 1983 law. (Who was he?) I am a big fan, Art, but you should have cut him off rather than let him ramble on like that. I bet he put half your audience to sleep reading that non-sense for what seemed like minutes on end.

    Here’s hoping next week’s show is a little better.