LaRossa and Gallagher Show with Guest Host Mike Halfacre..

…and special guests Senator Joe Kyrillos and Congressman Chris Smith

Despite some technical difficulties and a shortage of phone lines (sorry if you tried to call in and got a busy signal) we managed to have an informative and entertaining show.

Thanks to Mike Halfacre who kept the show going when I got flustered with the technical glitches.

For those who missed the live show or would like to hear it again, here is a recording:


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Highlights: Kyrillos referring to a Chris Christie presidential candidacy as “when” not “if” (though it won’t be in 2012) and Smith speaking about the budget negotiations going on in Washington as a fiscal conservative, overriding his reputation as a fiscal moderate.

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21 Comments on “LaRossa and Gallagher Show with Guest Host Mike Halfacre..”

  1. Seamus said at 10:37 pm on July 19th, 2011:

    You guys are awesome! Great show!

  2. Heraclitus said at 6:52 am on July 20th, 2011:

    It was interesting to hear Halfacre state that he isn’t a fan of medical marijuana. I’ll lay odds that once Mayor Flip-Flop is questioned about medical marijuana, he will change his opinion on this issue soon enough.

    High Support For Medical Marijuana

    Poll Shows New Jersey Voters Continue Strong Medical Marijuana Support

    Heraclitus: “A Man’s Character Is His Fate”

  3. Seamus said at 7:00 am on July 20th, 2011:

    I guess we have Governor Flip-Flop as well, huh Jerkulitcus?

  4. Don't Click Here said at 7:32 am on July 20th, 2011:

    Indeed we do, Seamus.

    Let’s hope that Republican Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini also flip-flops on this same issue. As you may recall, Angelini, the RINO poster child, believes that New Jersey’s very strict medical marijuana law will actually increase teen drug use. Angelini, anything but a rocket scientist, was also troubled that this same strict law would “allow high school seniors to walk around legally carrying 240 joints.”

    (Seamus, what do you think was Mary Pat smoking?)

    Mary Pat Angelini on behalf of NJ Republicans: “New Medical Marijuana Law Will Increase Teen Drug Use”

  5. typo said at 7:35 am on July 20th, 2011:

    Typo … “Seamus, what do you think Mary Pat was smoking?”

  6. James Hogan said at 10:04 am on July 20th, 2011:

    TommyD is going to beat me up for trying to have a rational discussion of the topic here, but if I may ask anyhow, what exactly makes one a “flip-flopper”?

    I like to think that when I make a call or send an email to one of our elected representatives, they hear what I have to say, give my $0.02 some thought, add in consideration for [hopefully ALL of the] other responses from other people, and then, with a little more prodding and pushing, they vote my way.

    If they don’t vote my way, I think to myself “man, this fella really stands by their beliefs!” and if they do vote my way, I try to think “man, I CAN make a difference in this world, a real big shot listened to me!”. And when they do finally come around and vote my way, I then try to follow up with a “thanks!” or some other positive indicator for the issue I was concerned about instead of then beating them up for changing their opinion, “flip-flopping”, or just beating them up for some other issue while they are in the spotlight for a second or two.

    And it’s not just elected folks who might be “flip-floppers”… there is a guy down the street from me who WAS a registered Democrat; I’ve spent countless hours talking to him about Republican ideas and telling him about real bills and real efforts that conservative Republicans are pushing and have pushed; he just switched his registration a week or two ago, is he a “flip-flopper” for changing his opinions, and voter registration? Now that he switched, should I beat him up for having supported liberal policy in the past and changing his tune? Why should I work for anything if I’m supposed to be mad and yell “flip-flopper!” when people finally listen?

    Which reminds me, there is this other guy, Rick Perry, who I know of, from Texas, he’s thinking about running in the Republican primary for President, and he has some pretty solid Republican credentials, but he started political life as a Democrat; “flip-flopper”? As noted, Chris Christie has changed his tune on a few issues, that I think are better for me and other taxpayers in the long run, “flip-flopper”?

    So, *IF* I were to contact Mayor Mike about this, I would send an email like “Dear Mayor Mike, based on whatever principles you’ve applied to determine that the government should ban medical marijuana, do you think those same principles should be applied to a drug like Accutane, which is prescribed by medical doctors to a small, specific subset of patients with severe acne problems? Accutane is known by the medical community to cause severe birth defects in innocent babies and has been blamed, rightly or not, for numerous suicides and other mental disorders. However, the drug has also been used by real, certified and trained professional doctors for many years and has been successfully used to treat acne in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of patients without such problems and is monitored by monthly blood tests and follow-up visits. Presumably, if medical doctors were prescribing a drug, like medical marijuana, and believed that drug to be equally dangerous, they would make it standard medical practice to have monthly, or more, follow-up visits and reviews. Please note that I do recognize that medical marijuana, like Accutane, is a real drug with real potentially dangerous side effects, but I also believe that, like with Accutane, it would be best to leave the decision of whether or not to treat patients suffering from a specific ailment with a specific drug, like medical marijuana, up to certified medical professionals, not political representatives who likely have no medical, or medicinal, certifications or experience. Thank you for considering these points. — James P. Hogan”

    …and now *WHEN* Mayor Mike goes “ya know what… I’m not a doctor… Jim is right and doctors should make that determination, not me” I’m going to be all “Thanks Mike!” 🙂 .. or of course, Mike may go “Hogan really is a loon! No way am I buying that BS argument from that kook!” at which time I’m going to go “Thanks Mike! Keep fighting for taxpayers, you’re doing a great job!” … and then I’ll get attacked, again, because I’m supportive of a guy who does great work overall but disagrees with me on an issue that I really just don’t care about either way.

    Either way, great show Art and Mike, I really enjoy listening and the guests, week after week, have been very informative. Those not listening are really missing out on good stuff.

  7. Reality Calling said at 10:33 am on July 20th, 2011:

    Hogan, your posts are tedious, difficult to read, and off-base as usual. Who the F__ is Tommy D? (Hint: Tommy DeSeno didn’t write anything above.)

  8. James Hogan said at 11:16 am on July 20th, 2011:

    Ohh, I’m sorry Anonymous Coward if my comments are too difficult for you to read, however, I’m not sure how you’ve determined that they are off-base if you can’t read them. And BTW – way to attack me and avoid the question/point.

    And, like most here at MMM, you seem to know “TommyD” is Tom DeSeno, so why pretend to not know and ask “who the F__ is TommyD?”. If you can take some time from your busy day to read, try here to understand the reference:

  9. Loon Fan said at 11:51 am on July 20th, 2011:

    Loon once; loon again. That is your life story, Hogan. You are too crazy and too unstable to ever hold elective office. Do you think I am wrong? Prove me wrong? Prove all of us wrong. Get elected to ANYTHING (e.g., student council government).

    There is a reason why you are largely ignored — by the electorate and others, that is. It has everything to do with your sanity. People only pay attention to you for one simple reason: for laughs. It really is that simple. You ARE that crazy. You ARE that amusing. You ARE the village idiot.

  10. Where Kryillos Was Silent said at 1:35 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    Art, it is a shame that your phone lines (conveniently?) didn’t allow ordinary citizens like myself to question Mayor Halfacre, Senator Kryillos and/or Congressman Smith. I would have liked to questioned all three (respectfully) about their views on the Second Amendment. To wit:

    Senator Kryillos, The US Supreme Court has, twice, recently held that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. Wisconsin recently became the 49th state to allow their law-abiding citizens to obtain licenses to carry concealed weapons. (Wisconsin wisely opted to go “shall issue” when it comes to who gets such a license.)

    Senator, only two or three states, in practice and or law, prohibit law-abiding, properly-trained citizens from obtaining licenses to carry concealed weapons. Why is New Jersey one of these states?

    Wisconsin Governor Signs Law On Concealed Carry Of Guns

  11. chubby said at 3:09 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    With respect to the question above, the answer for the RINOs (Halfacre) is simple: If Halfacre is looking for the source of his anger, he needs to ask himself many questions. One such question is: Why do Monmouth County (conservative) Republicans go out of their way to support the enemies of the Second Amendment?

    Why don’t moderate Republicans support conservative principles? Because they think they have no choice?

  12. mike halfacre said at 3:10 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    Sorry if you couldn’t get through, but to answer your question, I am a member of the NRA and am packing. (In full compliance with all applicable, although likely unconstitutional laws, of course)

  13. Sentenced said at 3:36 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    Halfacre, you are good for laughs if nothing else. Are you telling us that you are, unlawfully (and in violation of NJ law), carrying concealed weapons (e.g., handguns) outside of your house?

    Brian Aitken was sentenced to 7 years in state prison (with a minimum of 3 years before parole) for doing what you now suggest. I don’t believe for a minute that you have the balls to risk a 3+ year prison sentence. I certainly don’t.

  14. mike halfacre said at 4:01 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    You dolt. It’s a quote from a movie, sorry you didn’t get the reference. And, I then said I am in compliance with all applicable laws.

    I have always been a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I was on NJ Now opposite Ceasefire NJ arguing on behalf of 2nd Amendment Rights after the Tuscon shooting.

    There’s lots of things to go after me on, but the 2nd Amendment is not one of them.

  15. Truth said at 5:32 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    “There’s lots of things to go after me on, but the 2nd Amendment is not one of them.” — Mayor Mike “Flip-Flopping” Halfacre

    I see. Care to tell me why you have so often supported the election(s) of anti-Second Amendment RINOs such as Jennifer Beck, Mary Pat Angelini, David Rible, Amy Handlin, John Bennett, etc. ? Which NJ Republicans have you supported that are as supportive of the 2nd Amendment as you now now claim to be? Let me guess: Few to None?

    Care to tell us again just how pro-life you are? All of the RINOs mentioned above are also “pro-choice” aka “pro-abortion.” You have supported all of them. Why is that? Ramble on, you moral, flip-flopping whore …

    Halfacre, know this: “The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.”

    Michael Halfacre, you are NOT pro-life; you are NOT pro-Second Amendment. You are the enemy of conservative, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment Republicans everywhere. You are only a conservative when it suits your purposes. You are are an unprincipled “hoor” (intentionally misspelled). Your character and your history are obvious to all that know you: You will flip-flop whenever it suits your purpose. You are anything but an honest man.

  16. Francis Marion said at 5:52 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    Truth: give me a break. Based upon the sound of things, you don’t support any Republicans. Ever.

    At least not on the local, County, or State level in NJ. Are you saying that EVERY single Republican must pass your personal litmus test? How very PC of you. The same rigid orthodoxy that allows us to make fun of the liberals allows you to never have to support any candidate. Welcome to permanent minority status.

    Actually, worse, you are a fringe player, like Lyndon LaRouche or some of the other crackpots all the way on the right hand side of the ballot.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you certainly do NOT speak for the vast majority of Republicans.

  17. Republican said at 6:05 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    Francis, aren’t MOST (much less “any”) Republicans pro-life? Don’t most Republicans support the 2nd Amendment? Why would you suggest that anything I have said above makes me a “fringe player, like Lydon LaRouche?”

    Franics, have you ever read the Republican National Platform? Where have I expressed an opinion that differs considerably with that same GOP platform?

  18. I think said at 6:22 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    I think what Franics meant is that Truth’s blindness to any GOP’rs who fail his purity test are not to be supported. The point is, here in NJ, there are many GOP’rs who are pro-choice, or wishy-washy on the 2nd Amendment. But, it’s NJ, so take what you can get.

    Otherwise, you will be very angry, frustrated, and lonely. Sort of like Truth is now.

    For a more “pure” form of GOP, move somewhere else. (I bet his “purity test” applies to race and religion as well.)

  19. More Truth said at 6:58 pm on July 20th, 2011:

    It doesn’t apply to race and religion. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for suggesting that someone else (moi) is a bigot without having the evidence to support that serious allegation.

    I am not that “angry” but I do want to move. I am close to retirement. I can afford to retire now. Our kids are college grads, married and on their own. I’d move to Arizona as soon as my wife would go for it.

  20. Rick Ambrosia said at 9:31 am on July 21st, 2011:

    Well, More Truth, please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…and don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave. Believe me, you won’t be missed.

  21. Justified Right said at 2:27 pm on July 22nd, 2011:

    Loon Fan said:

    “Loon once; loon again. That is your life story, Hogan. You are too crazy and too unstable to ever hold elective office. Do you think I am wrong? Prove me wrong? Prove all of us wrong. Get elected to ANYTHING (e.g., student council government).
    There is a reason why you are largely ignored — by the electorate and others, that is. It has everything to do with your sanity. People only pay attention to you for one simple reason: for laughs. It really is that simple. You ARE that crazy. You ARE that amusing. You ARE the village idiot.”

    This is what I’m talking about Art. You would get far more poeple commenting about policy on this website if you had a Code of Conduct that disallowed personal attacks like that.

    I’m willing to bet a dollar to donuts that there have been people who wanted to comment here, looked at words like that, and decided it wasn’t worth it.

    You are on the verge of something special with this website. You took it to a new level about a year ago. Time to do it again. Get a Code of Conduct, limit everyone to one handle, and watch the number of people willing to comment grow.