Scott’s “Trail Mix” for October 25th


We are a mere NINE DAYS away from a “shock-the-pundits” victory.  The “experts” said it could never happen. The NY Times poll originally gave us a 1% probability of victory. The powers-that-be gerrymandered NJ-12 so that it would be safe for the incumbent for as long as he cared to run for re-election. But, then, something happened. That something was you! Finish strong, and complete what you set out to do. The future begins on November 3.



This weekend Team Sipprelle took our message of economic opportunity to the streets of Trenton.  Long taken for granted by Democrats and ignored by Republicans, the people of our capital city were delighted to see that we care about their community and that we have a commitment to rebuild. We cannot solve America’s problems without tackling our most difficult problems at their core.


There is Nothing Wrong with America

I met a whole new collection of American heroes this week:


A survivor of five concentration camps who came to America and immediately enlisted to serve in the Korean War


A minister who extends his gospel beyond his church to preach fiscal responsibility and self-empowerment to his parishioners


A husband and wife team of doctors who volunteer their time to provide high-quality medical care in a charity health clinic


A Mercer County businessman who runs a thriving manufacturing company, covers full healthcare for his employees, and has never had a layoff


There is nothing wrong with America, but there is something wrong with our government. It has become out-of-touch and disconnected from your values and your concerns.


More Mud from Mr. Holt

Please forgive me for not dedicating any more time and space to refute Mr. Holt’s increasingly bizarre and meanspirited barrage of smears and personal attacks directed at me. Once his advisors and consultants move on, I expect that he will find the quiet time to wrestle with his conscience.


October 31 Blitz in East Brunswick

Please mark Sunday, October 31 on your calendar for Team Sipprelle to rally and canvass with the residents of East Brunswick. We need as many volunteers as possible, so plan your road trip. Stand tall with us for this final weekend.   Details shortly.


Join Us on Victory Night!

Team Sipprelle will gather at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village (on Route 1) on Election Night, starting at 7pm. If you are a challenger or working GOTV, please come on over after 8pm.


If You Can Donate…

…In these last few critical weeks to help us counter Mr. Holt’s full-throttle media volley of distortions and deceptions, please click here:

Click HERE to Donate


Thank you for your continued demonstration of passion and purpose in our campaign for America’s future.

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