Scott’s “Trail Mix” for October 19th


Team Sipprelle is Surging! A recent Monmouth University poll has us within the margin of error.

This same poll had Gov. Christie down by 3 points three days before his 4 point electoral victory. I won’t tell you where the polls had us back in April, but let’s just say we’re “tied” now with exactly two weeks to go. It comes down to a challenge that will be decided by which campaign has the most energy, passion, and commitment. My faith is squarely centered on Team Sipprelle. Let’s roll!


Mr. Holt Hits a New Low

A glaring confirmation of our momentum is the increasingly desperate tone of Mr. Holt’s campaign slurs. When his fabrications about my position on Social Security and Equal Pay for Women failed to gain traction, he turned to even more odious innuendoes. He is now filling the airwaves with two new charges: first, that my former investment firm set up an “offshore corporation” to manage capital for foreigners. But Mr. Holt doesn’t elaborate on this scary half-truth sound bite. Since foreigners and U.S. institutions are not subject to backup U.S. withholding taxes, they prefer to invest their money with U.S.-based money-managers through foreign-based funds, while all U.S. taxpayers (including myself and my former clients) invest through U.S.-based funds. It is a good thing for American jobs and prosperity that foreigners send their money to U.S. money-managers for investment in the American economy, but Mr. Holt does not really care about smart economic policy.


His second personal smear is truly bizarre: that I somehow colluded with the Democrat machine that controls my town, and with the independent appraisal firm that conducted a state-mandated, town-wide property revaluation, and fixed my own property tax assessment. In other words, I supposedly committed a crime to save myself a few thousand dollars in taxes. Does he even realize how ludicrous this sounds?


The Miracle in Chile

The miraculous rescue of the trapped miners in Chile presents a powerful statement in support of the miracle of our free-enterprise system and of the willingness of private sector entrepreneurs to step up and deliver in a time of crisis. The product which saved those trapped miners was a drill bit produced by a small Pennsylvania company called Center Rock. While Mr. Holt persists in vilifying corporate profits and business success at every turn, this profitable private sector innovation demonstrated that – any time, any place – a thriving business sector is often the difference between life and death.


More Double-Talk by Mr. Holt on Israel

At our debate last night in East Brunswick, Mr. Holt claimed that he was an “early sponsor” of the Iran Sanctions Act. Fact checking is an amazing thing: Mr. Holt was the absolute last of the 343 House members to sign on in support of this bill as a co-sponsor, adding his name on Dec. 9, 2009 – nearly 8 ½ months after the bill was introduced.


All-Hands-on-Deck for Our Trenton Blitz

Please mark 11:00 am, Sunday, October 24 on your calendar for Team Sipprelle to bring our hopeful message of economic empowerment to Trenton. After a short rally, we will break into teams in order to launch town-wide canvassing. We need as many volunteers as possible, so plan your road trip. Stand tall with us for these final critical weekend days. Stand by for the rally meeting location.


We Want Your Feedback on the Debates

If you were able to attend or view the recent Sipprelle-Holt debates, please give us your feedback on the highlight moments: http://www.allourideas.org/scottsipprelle


If You Can Donate…

…In these last few critical weeks to help us counter Mr. Holt’s full-throttle media volley of distortions and deceptions, please click here:

Donate Here!


Thank you for your continued demonstration of passion and purpose in our campaign for America’s future.

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