Sipprelle Calls Holt Ad Defamatory, Asks 101.5 To Take it Down

Princeton, October 27, 2010 – Slamming Congressman Rush Holt’s new radio ad as “defamatory” and “knowingly false and misleading,” as well as is non-compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, Republican Scott Sipprelle today issued a letter through his attorney, Brian M. Nelson of Menna, Supko & Nelson, LLC, calling on Millennium Radio New Jersey (101.5) to cease and desist playing the advertisement on their airwaves today.

Holt’s ad falsely alleges that Sipprelle somehow manipulated his property tax bill through participation in a volunteer advisory committee in the Borough of Princeton. In addition to being refuted by Sipprelle, the charge was labeled as “ludicrous…not even possible” by the Borough’s Democrat-appointed Tax Assessor in a Trenton Times article yesterday, who added “that the committee and its members were in no position to know what the outcome of the revaluation would be while it was going on.”


“Rush Holt’s defamatory and knowingly false charges against me are the latest and most blatant signs of desperation from a career politician who will to say or do anything to cling to power,” said Sipprelle. “Mr. Holt knows that he can’t run on his record, so his only hope is to run me down. His actions are a disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself. In addition to asking Millennium Radio to take these ads down, I am requesting a public apology from Mr. Holt to the voters in this district, and an admission that his ads are simply not truthful.”

Sipprelle cited Holt’s 2000 campaign against former Congressman Dick Zimmer as evidence that the incumbent has a sad history of misleading campaigns ads being pulled from the airwaves. (Source: “Democrats’ ad is taken off the air,” Star-Ledger, 8/19/00)

“This is a pattern of dishonest behavior from Mr. Holt and it’s completely consistent with how he governs as a Congressman,” said Sipprelle. “For twelve years in Washington, Rush Holt has not allowed the facts to get in the way of his or Nancy Pelosi’s agenda so why would he worry about the facts during his political campaigns?”

Holt’s ad is not only untrue, it is also in violation of campaign finance regulations for failing to have the proper “Paid for by” disclaimer at the end of the spot.

“This is typical of entrenched, out-of-touch career politicians like Congressman Holt,” said Sipprelle. “He is violating a legal requirement that he himself voted to create. This is just another example of arrogant Members of Congress exempting themselves from the laws they pass for the American people and underscores why we need to change Congress. I am asking the voters of the 12th Congressional District to stop Rush Holt on November 2nd and vote for a new direction.”

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5 Comments on “Sipprelle Calls Holt Ad Defamatory, Asks 101.5 To Take it Down”

  1. Again? said at 11:59 am on October 27th, 2010:

    Nothing against this, but… I see a pattern developing, with Nelson asking his opponents to take down their ads. It happened once in the primary already

  2. Nelson said at 12:51 pm on October 27th, 2010:

    Nelson’s a tool. This type of crybaby crap reflects so poorly on the candidate less than a week out from the election.

    Come on, all these issues and all that money and this is worthy of a press release?

    Nelson wants to get his name in the paper, regardless of what it looks like for the candidate.

  3. Wally Street said at 12:52 pm on October 27th, 2010:

    Isn’s Pat Menna a Democrat? They all are a bunch of #$%!

  4. fightback said at 9:11 am on October 28th, 2010:

    I’m a big supporter of Sipprelle but I’m getting a little tired of the whining about Holt’s mudslinging. Instead of whining about it, hit back harder. Lord knows Rush Holt is an easy target.

  5. ArtGallagher said at 9:30 am on October 28th, 2010:

    Rather than hit back harder, I like to see Scott mock Holt, like Obama mocked the right in 2008 and like Christie mocked Corzine in 2009 and continues to do to the NJEA.

    Ridicule his attacks and mock his record. Come across as confident, yet good natured.

    I’m concerned about Scott coming across as strident in the closing days of the campaign. Holt’s most recent ad, “I don’t know and I don’t care” is portraying Scott that way. Complaining about the accuracy and compliance of ad is inside baseball that most voters don’t care about.

    Making fun of Rush, with a smile and evoking laughter would be more effective, in my opinion.