Scott’s “Trail Mix” for September 28



There is something different and uplifting in the air. I can sense it in the conversations I am having on the trail. I can see it when folks who might have once just walked by without stopping are now pausing to listen and to talk. Something momentous is happening. We have arrived at a turning point, a resetting of our values as Americans. Citizens are in the process of reclaiming their ownership of government, and I am pleased to be a part of this unique piece of history.



Thanks, in part, to your pressure, we have been able to confirm a schedule of two debates with Mr. Holt. The first will be on October 14 at midday at Rider University and the second will be on October 18 in the evening in East Brunswick. The first event will only have tickets available for an overflow room with TV monitor. The second debate will have a large amount of public seating. Stand by for details.


Super Saturday

This coming Saturday, October 2, will represent one month until Election Day. This will be the moment when I will be asking each of you to recommit, with a heightened intensity, to support our campaign to Make America Work Again. Each one of our municipal captains in the 44 towns of CD-12 will be organizing special events to reach out to voters. Please check the “Events” tab on our web site this week to find a nearby event where you can lend a hand for an hour or two. Please help show the strength and breadth of our campaign to renew the American Dream.


Can You Help on Election Day?

If you can volunteer your time on Election Day, please contact our headquarters. We are recruiting official “Challengers” to watch polls, and no previous experience is required. We will also be running large Get-Out-the-Vote and canvassing operations and would like to have as many volunteers as possible. Don’t miss your chance to play a vital role in electoral history!


I Reject Mr. Holt’s Politics of Deception

My opponent has, unsurprisingly, stooped to a new low. In a desperate attempt to deflect the focus from his voting record, he is now trying to scare seniors into believing that I am intent on destroying their Social Security benefits. Last week at a seniors meeting, supported by a local mayor and an imported Congresswoman, my opponent railed against me and manufactured a brand new claim that I wanted to “Privatize Social Security.” This is an amazingly cheeky statement from a politician who supported: 1) a healthcare bill that cut $500 billion from Medicare and, 2) presided over the systematic looting of the Social Security Trust Fund. The famous “lock-box,” intended to safeguard the retirement security of seniors was cracked open by Congress and the money spent. What now stands in its place is a simple IOU from a desperately deficit-ridden government.


The Heat is On; the Choice is Clear!

My opponent will spend $125,000 this week (!) on TV advertisements. These negative attacks are largely financed by PACs and special interests that will require payback in next year’s budget cycle. Is there any more powerful argument for joining our cause?


Thank you for your continued demonstration of passion and purpose in our campaign for America’s future.

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One Comment on “Scott’s “Trail Mix” for September 28”

  1. Rick Ambrosia said at 12:26 pm on September 28th, 2010:

    Ahhh…everything is in the wording of this statement…you will notice, that Sipprelle did not DENY that he wants to privatize Social Security. So, I would take that to mean that the Congressman is right in his pointing out that Sipprelle DOES want to privatize SS. Imagine what would have happened if the right had gotten their way and then the crash and recession happened. I wonder how many seniors would have been out on the street now if it was privatized a few years ago.