Sipprelle responds to the Neptune Nudniks

By Scott Sipprelle (Published in today’s Asbury Park Press)

The Asbury Park Press’ recent editorial endorsement in the 12th Congressional District race correctly described the contest between 12-year incumbent Rep. Rush Holt and me as providing voters a stark choice between two very different candidates with different visions about the future direction of our country.

Beyond that, the editorial read more like one of Rush Holt’s negative campaign attacks against me – nasty in tone and short on facts. I thank the editorial board for allowing me the opportunity to respond and set the record straight.

First, I encourage everyone reading this to visit my website at www.supportscott2010.com and read my comprehensive “Blueprint for Renewal.” I am confident they will find it to be the most detailed and thoughtful series of position papers put forth by any congressional candidate in the country this year.

I set out to run a positive campaign of ideas and I am proud to have done just that.

Now, on to the specific issues:

The editorial board falsely accused me of opposing insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. This is a completely fabricated claim that has been promulgated by Holt. In fact, my website lays out a novel plan for large national insurance pools of “uninsureds,” grouped by medical specialty that would be subsidized by federal dollars.

The editorial board also parroted one of Holt’s misleading attacks against me regarding unemployment benefits, quoting a statement they claim was extracted from my campaign website. My campaign website has never had any reference whatsoever to unemployment benefits, another mistake that indicates a sloppy research effort by the Press or an excessive reliance on talking points distributed by Holt.

The truth is that while congressional Democrats have offered to extend benefits indefinitely and congressional Republicans have called for cutting them off immediately, I have discussed a sensible compromise that is both compassionate and fiscally responsible, while focusing on the critical task of rebuilding America’s economic engine.

The best social welfare net is a job. Holt has no plan to create private sector jobs; he is offering just more of the status quo.

The board’s most ridiculous attack against me was regarding partisan politics. The fact of the matter is Holt votes with his party nearly 99 percent of the time and believes any idea offered by a Democrat is good and any idea offered by Republican is bad. He’s part of the problem in Washington and has contributed mightily to the toxic environment there.

On the other hand, I have supported a reform Democrat for mayor in my hometown of Princeton against an entrenched political machine, and I took considerable flak during the Republican primary for my financial donations to Democrats with whom I agreed on certain issues. There is only one candidate in this race who has demonstrated a willingness to reach across the aisle to solve problems – and it is me.

Less than two weeks from today, voters will go to the polls to make a historic decision. I would like them to believe I am the candidate who can make America work again.

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6 Comments on “Sipprelle responds to the Neptune Nudniks”

  1. Ann W said at 11:08 am on October 22nd, 2010:

    Scott, as always, clearly articulates the clear choice that is available to voters on November 2nd. Scott has clearly stated his positions, both in writing and verbally, positions that will be part of a larger scale effort to re-invigorate our economy, re-charge our optimism and strengthen the fiscal building blocks of our Country.

    Things must change. There is no more money to handout. It is time to vote out both side of the aisles and get some adults in Washington. I say lets give non- professional politicians a chance.

  2. TR said at 1:12 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    I fully endorse Sipperelle over Holt and urge everyone in his district to vote for him.

    However I must say this to Scott. I don’t want you to reach across the Isle. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF COMPROMISE.

    We are in an ideological war for the future of this country. Do we go back to the founding fathers view of a limited government or to we accept the FDR-Johnson-Carter-Obama-Holt view of Government providing our every need and the concomitant lose of freedom.

    There is no middle ground in this war. Compromise is the same as surrender. If you let the camels nose in the tent eventually the whole dam thing will be in there.
    We must not only refuse to compromise but must slowly start to shrink the government we have.

    We will all be better off and America will be stronger.

    (metaphorically speaking)

  3. hilarious said at 1:36 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    So, during the primary, Scott had no explanation for his support of democrats, and now, he is trying to use it as a strong point?

    He is such a politician, don’t believe his protestations to the contrary.

  4. James Hogan said at 1:52 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    Scott is out of my district and I should keep my $0.02 out of it… but I have to ask/remind, or be reminded of the answers since I’m sure they were asked before…

    Specifically which “certain issues” does Scott agree with Mr. Chuck “Guns Are Bad” Schumer on? That my latest NRA American Rifleman magazine printed a “?” next to Scott’s name (Anna Little gets an A!) means he ignored gun owners and didn’t reply – and that along with his money for Chuck doesn’t give me a warm and cozy feeling.

    I like to believe that Scott is still better overall for our nation than Mr. Holt, but it certainly seems that my friends and I may have to “compromise” our 2A rights with Scott in office and I know a few single issue voters who are just planning to stay home in 12 because they aren’t willing to “compromise”.

  5. James Hogan said at 1:55 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    Sorry, in case Scott (hopefully) replies – his website seems void of 2A issues. I’d be happy to call and/or pass along Scott position on 2A issues to my range buddies, but it seems a bit late and regardless makes 2A rights seem like an after-thought.

  6. what he said said at 2:17 pm on October 22nd, 2010:

    So he won’t tell us about abortion, he won’t tell us about gun control, he waves his flag of compromise around, he brags about supporting democrats.

    This conservative tea partier is seriously going to stay home. The whole tea party battle is one of ideaology. We either have one or we don’t. let’s find a conservative next time, and take Holt out then.