450,781 Powerball Winners in New Jersey

The $579 million jackpot was won by two lucky bettors.  One from Arizona and one from Missouri.  Odds are they were Romney voters.

There were 450,781 winning tickets sold in New Jersey.  8 of those tickets matched five numbers but not the Powerball.  The prize is 1 million dollars.  If the bettors had bet an extra dollar on the Power Play, the prize would have been $2 million.  I wonder if those people are happy they won the million or kicking themselves for not betting the extra buck and doubling their prize.

31 New Jersey players matched 4 numbers and the powerball.  29 of them won $10,000.  The 2 that bet the power play won $40,000.

I’d bet the 29 who won $10K instead of $40K are kicking themselves harder than the 8 who won $1 million instead of $2 million.

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One Comment on “450,781 Powerball Winners in New Jersey”

  1. John G said at 6:30 pm on November 29th, 2012:

    I read this while at work today. Thanks for keeping my hopes up for a nice consolation prize, until I returned from work and had a chance to check my tickets. Oh well… back to work tomorrow