Banned from Facebook: The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers’ Unions

MMM reader Peter Carroll reports that facebook has removed a link to this video from his facebook feed four times today.

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Gonzalez denies stealing signs. Threatens legal action

Bayshore Tea Party Group founder Barbara Gonzalez said “I have never done that and I never would” regarding the report on MMM on Saturday that a Cullari for Congress volunteer said she and BTPG activist Joe Abbruscato were spotted stealing Cullari’s signs in Middletown.

In an email to MMM Gonzalez said her attorney advised her to request a retraction and an apology or proof that she stole the signs.

On facebook Gonzalez threatened to sue Cullari’s Middlesex County coordinator Peter Carrol, campaign manager Charles Measley and “a certain blogger” unless proof of the allegations is produced by 9PM.

MMM contacted the campaign volunteer who says he witnessed the theft at about 7:40 PM on Friday.  He said he “definately saw Joey with the signs.  Barbara’s Jeep was pulled over so she was likely around.”

Rob Little, the former Highlands Mayor’s husband, called MMM shortly after our report was posted to say that Gonzalez was with him all night on Friday and that she could not have been involved in the theft.  MMM immediately updated the report with Little’s story.


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Veterans of Anna’s Army Marching For Cullari

Key supporters of Anna Little’s 2010 congressional run are lining up behind Ernesto Cullari in his bid to win the GOP nomination for the 6th district seat occupied by Congressman Frank Pallone.

Asbury Park businessman Henry Vaccarro, Sr, a member of Little’s 2010 Finance Committee, endorsed Cullari this afternoon.  Peter Carroll, the Middlesex County coordinator of Little’s 2010 effort has pledged to play the same role for Cullari should there be a primary.  Charles Measley, a 60 hour per week volunteer for Little in 2010 is coordinating Cullari’s current effort.

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barabara Gonzalez told MMM that she was looking forward to interviewing Cullari when asked for comment on the potential race.

Little’s campaign manager, Larry Cirignano, was not available for comment.

Despite the lack of a formal announcement withdrawing from the U.S. Senate race and entering the CD-6 race, Little is expected before the Middlesex GOP screening committee this evening to ask for their CD-6 endorsement.

Cullari will also be seeking the Middlesex screening committee’s endorsement tonight.

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Attention County Chairs and Boards of Elections: New Jersey Has A New Congressional Map

Public Service Announcement

With the nominating season coming up for New Jersey’s political parties, Boards of Elections and party leaders should be aware that New Jersey lost a seat in congress due to the 2010 census that indicated that our population growth was slower than other states.  As a result, a new map of congressional districts was approved last December.

One might think that Boards of Election and party leaders would be aware of this already.  Not necessarily.

Peter Carroll, a Republican County Committee member from Middlesex Boro in Middlesex County keeps on top of these things.  When meeting with his Municipal Chair, Mike Hompesch, to complete his registration form for the county nominating convention coming up on March 24, Carroll indicated on the form that he lives in the 12th congressional district.  “Are you sure?” Carroll reports that Hompesch asked, “all the information from the county says Middlesex Boro is in the 6th district.”

After some back and forth with the Middlesex County GOP, Carroll called the Middlesex County Board of Elections this morning.  “Middlesex Boro is in the 6th congressional district,” the nice lady on the phone told Carroll.  “But what about the new map?” Carroll asked.   After a brief hold, the nice lady came back on the phone and told Carroll that he was right and the Board of Elections had not updated their computers yet.

Carroll reports that he has heard from Middlesex GOP Vice Chair Sylvia Engel that the correction has been made for the March 24 GOP convention.

County Chairs of both parties, and Boards of Elections from all counties should take note.  The new congressional map can be found here.

This has been a public service announcement from MoreMonmouthMusings.

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