Veterans of Anna’s Army Marching For Cullari

Key supporters of Anna Little’s 2010 congressional run are lining up behind Ernesto Cullari in his bid to win the GOP nomination for the 6th district seat occupied by Congressman Frank Pallone.

Asbury Park businessman Henry Vaccarro, Sr, a member of Little’s 2010 Finance Committee, endorsed Cullari this afternoon.  Peter Carroll, the Middlesex County coordinator of Little’s 2010 effort has pledged to play the same role for Cullari should there be a primary.  Charles Measley, a 60 hour per week volunteer for Little in 2010 is coordinating Cullari’s current effort.

Bayshore Tea Party Group co-founder Barabara Gonzalez told MMM that she was looking forward to interviewing Cullari when asked for comment on the potential race.

Little’s campaign manager, Larry Cirignano, was not available for comment.

Despite the lack of a formal announcement withdrawing from the U.S. Senate race and entering the CD-6 race, Little is expected before the Middlesex GOP screening committee this evening to ask for their CD-6 endorsement.

Cullari will also be seeking the Middlesex screening committee’s endorsement tonight.

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12 Comments on “Veterans of Anna’s Army Marching For Cullari”

  1. Won't be signing on for another tour. said at 6:24 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    After volunteering all but a few Saturday’s and attending as many Tuesday meetings at IHOP two years ago, being greeted by Anna, time and again with “how great it is to see you again”. Within a year after that election I saw Anna twice. I stood less than 10 feet from her, she looked at me and turned away to greet someone with political influence who happened to be near by. Now over a year later, she remembers me again, sending me emails asking for my money and time. I think not.

  2. Interesting.... said at 6:45 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    1. “Won’t be signing on for another” – heard this a lot, you apparently are in “good company”
    2. On Facebook, this blog post is linked on the “I Support Joe Kyrillos for Senate” page, and “liked” by Kelly Ann Hart…?? Wasn’t she also very involved in the Little 2010 campaign?
    3. Joe Kyrillos and “establishment” do end up supporting her Congress 2010 bid, inc. Christie; she announces running Congress 2012 on election night; 2011 Joe Kyrillos has exploratory committee, “open secret” he is running and she puts up Senate website; Joe Kyrillos officially announces, Little website still up and recently asking for $$; she really actually WENT TO Kyrillos event without officially saying she changed her mind or taking sown site???
    Wow, maybe “Interesting” is not the correct adjective …..

  3. A Little too Much said at 7:15 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    Anna Little needs to step aside. Not only is she fake (yes I have met her and I have heard her on her radio show.. ugh) she can not make up her mind. The last thing I want is an elected politician all over the map when it comes to big decisions.

    Deciding to run and what to run for is one of the most important decisions of a politician’s life. You can’t throw your hat in the ring, then take it out and throw it in another one. You make up your mind, you give it all you got and the rest is history.

    Its a LITTLE too late to be changing your mind Anna after you have been campaigning since the last election for Senate. You threw your hat in, let Kyrillos beat you in the primary and call it a day.

    P.S. Singing “God Bless America” in a flag tutu isn’t get you votes. Be REAL.. be honest and for goodness sakes.. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

  4. Interesting #2 or Bizarre?? said at 8:17 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    Now, I am really curious as to what happened to disaffect the Anna inner circle….someone told me Kelly Ann Hart was actually campaign manager for a time and he is also a facebook friend of hers. Just got message that not only has Kelly “liked” the link on Joe K for Senate but also actually posted on her own page both a link to this mmm post but also a link about Anthony Vaccaro supporting Cullari. THIS is a strong warning sign —- hope those in Middlesex and Monmouth who have a say take heed. Very confused about what Anna Little is all about.

  5. Bayshore Rino Sell Out said at 9:39 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    Bayshore is selling out to Rino Kyrillos throwing Anna under the bus even for Congress. The Rino express has arrived in Monmouth County.

  6. Kelly Ann Hart said at 10:57 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    “Interesting… & Interesting #2 or Bizzarre???”
    Yes, I DID work for Anna. I was her THIRD campaign manager after the primary (August). Pushed aside, not fired, ’pushed aside’… a little (no pun intended) “establishment” trick that has been played for years. I would know, that was a major reason I was brought on – I came from the “establishment”. Before Larry rode into town, our team was 1% away from beating Frank in mid-October. She lost by 11%. (Not blame – FACT). The only reason I didn’t leave was because that team deserved help. They craved the knowledge no one was giving them. I stayed and fought for them and ONLY them; those volunteers that gave their blood, sweat and tears (LITERALLY) working to defeat Frank Pallone.

    This country needs strong leadership. District 6 deserves a Republican who will do whatever is necessary to end Pallone’s 20+ years; someone with a solid foundation and fierce heart. Someone who can and will unite all to do what is necessary and win. This is not an entitlement program. I personally vetted Ernesto Cullari before I supported him. He is focused; he is a strong conservative, smart and a proven leader. I am absolutely behind Ernesto Cullari for Congress – District 6, New Jersey. Hope I’ve cleared up any confusion.

    Oh and to ”Bayshore Rino sell out” – ever think maybe Anna was the one doing the throwing? They owe her NOTHING and if they are supporting Kyrillos, good for them for knowing it’s about leadership and what’s best for our state and country.

  7. Charles M said at 11:59 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    She couldn’t get over 500 signatures for her Senate petition and 1000 are needed. So she changes what office she’s running for.

    I gave her my life for 3 months and she let me down.

    She divided this party! It’s time for someone who can unite different groups and bring them into this party. And help bring support to the other candidates up and down this ticket in November. Ernesto Cullari is the one to do that!

  8. Interesting1 and 2 to Kelly and Charles said at 7:02 am on March 15th, 2012:

    Thank you for your forthright answers. Very similar to what has been said by many dedicated volunteers. I have now learned that you, Kelly, are a real “pro” and did an awesome job in Old Bridge. So WHY did the Middlesex group recommend Litttle ??? Kelly, Charles, anyone – what is back story here? Is same fix in for Monmouth ??? No disrespect, but all I have heard about Little in the past year has been anything but complimentary.

  9. Barbara said at 11:55 am on March 15th, 2012:

    One thing I can say here is that I give BIG credit to those that use their real names when posting comments. I am enjoying reading all of these posts, but I do appreciate reading posts from a real person. I personally give much more credence to those that are willing to own up to their comments.
    “Bayshore Rino Sellout” seems to know all about Bayshore TPG, but what he says is news to me. We have not had the opportunity to meet with the other US Senate candidates. They are scheduled to visit our membership and the same courtesy will be extended to Senator Kyrillos who has always given us the time we have asked of him. That is a fact. Again, we are looking forward to meeting with all of those running. The same goes for the Congressional race. We are in the process of scheduling both Little and Cullari to address BTPG. Little is already familiar within our group. From what I hear about Cullari, he will most likely gather support from our group as well. We will follow this race and our members, as individuals with their own voice, will do what they think is best for N.J.

  10. Jennifer said at 6:45 pm on March 16th, 2012:

    Perhaps the Bayshore Tea Party will learn from its mistakes of the past and not try to force everybody to support one candidate. We saw what happened when the Ron Paul supporters we ostracized after a “vote” was taken to support Herman Cain for POTUS. And Babara switches candidates more often than a hooker drops her drawers.

  11. Barbara said at 10:24 pm on March 16th, 2012:

    Jennifer (uh.. yeah, that’s your real name) I am so glad to know that I can “force” everyone to support one candidate. And then, the Paul supporters were “ostracized”. Wow again. Maybe I should carry a light saber and say the force is with me or start wearing a cape and crown and yell “off with their heads!!”? Question: how often does a hooker drop her drawers and does she insist we pay for her contraceptives? Oh, one more thing….please apologize to the two Ron Paul supporters….I never meant to offend.

  12. Barbara said at 10:32 pm on March 16th, 2012:

    I couldn’t resist…..