Attention County Chairs and Boards of Elections: New Jersey Has A New Congressional Map

Public Service Announcement

With the nominating season coming up for New Jersey’s political parties, Boards of Elections and party leaders should be aware that New Jersey lost a seat in congress due to the 2010 census that indicated that our population growth was slower than other states.  As a result, a new map of congressional districts was approved last December.

One might think that Boards of Election and party leaders would be aware of this already.  Not necessarily.

Peter Carroll, a Republican County Committee member from Middlesex Boro in Middlesex County keeps on top of these things.  When meeting with his Municipal Chair, Mike Hompesch, to complete his registration form for the county nominating convention coming up on March 24, Carroll indicated on the form that he lives in the 12th congressional district.  “Are you sure?” Carroll reports that Hompesch asked, “all the information from the county says Middlesex Boro is in the 6th district.”

After some back and forth with the Middlesex County GOP, Carroll called the Middlesex County Board of Elections this morning.  “Middlesex Boro is in the 6th congressional district,” the nice lady on the phone told Carroll.  “But what about the new map?” Carroll asked.   After a brief hold, the nice lady came back on the phone and told Carroll that he was right and the Board of Elections had not updated their computers yet.

Carroll reports that he has heard from Middlesex GOP Vice Chair Sylvia Engel that the correction has been made for the March 24 GOP convention.

County Chairs of both parties, and Boards of Elections from all counties should take note.  The new congressional map can be found here.

This has been a public service announcement from MoreMonmouthMusings.

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MMM Year in Review – February

Governor Chris Christie signed legislation to designed to revitalize Atlantic City.   The Oceanport Task Force on Monmouth Park stepped up its efforts to save New Jersey’s horse racing industry.

Live Action Video released a tape of a Perth Amboy Planned Parenthood office manager coaching an actor posing as a pimp how to “beat the system” set up to protect underage sex trafficking victims.  Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog, called the video a hoax and defended Planned Parenthood for alerting the FBI about a potential multistate sex trafficking ring.  Amy Woodruff, the Planned Parenthood office manager, was firedFrank Pallone was silent on the matter.  The Asbury Park Press issued an inaccurate editorial defending Planned Parenthood.

The U.S. Census Bureau released the results of the 2010 census.  New Jersey lost a congressional district.  Hispanics became the state’s largest minority group. New Jersey’s population shifted from the north to the southern and central regions of the state.

New Jersey’s newpaper industry appealed to Trenton Democrats to maintain their corporate welfare in the form of “legal advertising.”

Congressman Christopher Lee, (R-Buffalo, NY) resigned three hours after gawker.com published shirtless photos of him that he had sent to a woman seeking a date via craigslist.

By-laws, and the lack thereof, for the Monmouth GOP became a hot topic for a week or two.

Red Bank Councilman Ed Zipprich likened Congressman Chris Smith and American Catholics opposed to abortion to the Arizona shooter.

Freeholder Deputy Director John Curley called for a public review of Brookdale Community College’s budget and spending after learning of expensive country club memberships and a housing allowance for college President Dr. Peter Burnham.  Burnham had drafted a budget that called for a 8.2% tuition increase and blamed the need for the increase on the Freeholder Board reducing the county subsidy for the college.

Red Bank Councilman Michael Dupont and Shrewsbury attorney Brian Nelson  fought over the Sayreville Borough Attorney’s job.

The Republican Association of Princeton was reconstituted as The Lincoln Club of New Jersey under the leadership of Scott Sipprelle.

Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas, Wall Committeeman George Newberry and Spring Lake Councilman Gary Rich launched their campaigns for the GOP nomination for Freeholder.

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NJ Population Shifts to Central and South Jersey

Captiol Quickies reports that one third of New Jersey’s 40 legislative districts will have to be redrawn under a new map due to the 2010 Census data delivered to state officials today.

The average population of the legislative districts is to be 220,000 people.

In Monmouth County,  the population of the 12th district, which also includes parts of Mercer County, has grown and the district will have to be contracted geographically.  Senator Jennifer Beck and Assembly Members Caroline Casagrande and Declan O’Scanlon represent the 12th.

The 30th district which includes Allentown, Farmingdale and Howell in Monmouth, and portions of Burlington, Mercer and Ocean counties will be contracted substantially as the population of Lakewood in Ocean County exploded by 54% from 60,352 in the 2000 census to 92,843 in 2010.  The 30th is represented by Senator Robert Singer and Assemblymen Joseph Mallone and Ronald Dancer.

The 13th district, which includes the Monmouth County bayshore and Old Bridge in Middlesex County has a population of 219,564 in the new census and could remain as drawn in the 2000 map.  Senator Joe Kyrillos and Assembly Members Amy Hanlon and Sam Thompson represent the 13th.  Thompson is also the Middlesex County GOP chairman.

The population of the 11th district, coastal Monmouth from Atlantic Highlands south to Brielle (with the exception of Manasquan which is in the 10th) has declined, which will require the district to be expanded geographically.  The 11this currently the only legislative district with is comprised exclusively on Monmouth County towns.  It is represented by Senator Sean Kean and Assembly Members Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini.

The 10th district includes Manasquan in Monmouth County and the northern coastal sections of Ocean County.  Its population has also declined which will require the district to be expanded geographically.  The 10th is currently represented by Senator Anthony Ciesla and Assemblymen David Wolfe and James Holzapfel.  Ciesla has announced that he will not seek another term.

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