Mother Jones tapes have a “1-2 minute” gap

Maybe Rose Mary Woods’ grandson is the ultimate source

We know that former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson brokered the deal that provided the tax exempt non-profit news organization Mother Jones the secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney speaking to donors that the media has made such a fuss over for the last 48 hours.

Turns out there is a “one to two minute” gap in the tape.  Maybe the grandson of former President Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods, was the shooter of the tapes.  For those readers too young to remember Watergate, Woods admitted to “inadvertently” erasing 5 minutes of the 18 1/2 minute gap in the White House audio tapes that lead to Nixon’s resignation in disgrace.

Mother Jones insists that the gap is only 1-2 minutes, but we’ll never really know unless someone else comes forth with another video of the event.

The gap occured just at the end of Romney’s now famous “47%” remark that those who don’t pay taxes will not vote for him.  When the recording resumes, Romney is talking about China.  A transcript of the video before and after the gap can be found here.


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Is Mitt Romney “Evil?”

Mother Jones, an extreme left wing website that solicits tax deductible contributions to sustain itself, posted a series of videos of Mitt Romney speaking at a fundraiser in the Florida home of private equity manager Marc Leder this past May.

In the first video, Romney speaks candidly about the challenge he faces in the general election.  He notes that Obama starts out with a significant advantage…the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes and , he says, think health care, food and housing should be provided to them as a government funded entitlement.  Romney notes that his challenge is to win over the 5% of Independent voters who like Obama personally but are disappointed with his performance.


Is this “evil”?

Steven Goldstein, the CEO of another non-profit that solicits tax deductible contributions, the same sex marriage advocates Garden State Equality thinks so. I’d link you to Garden State Equality’s website, but Google says the site is dangerous to your computer.  Really.  On his facebook page Goldstein characterises Romney as evil.  He says Romney’s remarks are “one of the most hateful speeches in U.S. Presidential candidate history.”

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