An Out Of The Box Thought For Tea Parties To Consider

1058-alice-tea-party-cardClinton Mayor Janice Kovach’s failure to submit sufficient petition signatures to get on the ballot in CD-7 Democratic primary brought to mind a question I’ve been kicking around for a while.  What would be possible of Tea Parties competed in Democratic primaries?

Nationally, there is no question that the Tea Party movement has made a difference in restraining the growth of government since 2010 when the Republican Party took back the House of Representatives.   On the plus side, the Tea Party Caucus has restrained the Obama/Pelosi/Reed agenda.  On the down side, an argument could be made that if not for 2012 Tea Party victories in the senatorial primaries in Missouri and Indiana the GOP would be two seats closer to controlling the Senate. There would have been less “war on women” fodder for the liberal media and Democratic machine to use in defeating Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

Tea Parties boast that they stayed home in 2012 rather than voting for Romney, thereby assuring Obama’s reelection.  There are some Tea Parties campaigning for conservatives to withhold their votes in 2016 if the GOP does not nominate a candidate that meets their approval.

Tea Parties have had some success in Republican primaries that have resulted in losses of “safe” Republican seats in general elections.  Delaware in 2010, and Missouri and Indiana in 2012.  If Tea Party conservatives really don’t vote in general elections rather than choosing between “the lesser of two evils,” the are assuring the the greater of two evils wins.

Why not take the battle to the Democrats?  Why fight only with “RINOs” and then surrender the general elections to the Democrats?

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Democrat who wanted to challenge Leonard Lance fails to get on ballot

Democrat who wanted to challenge Leonard Lance fails to get on ballot (via NJ.com)

TRENTON — Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach had planned to run against Republican U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance in November, but she failed to get on the ballot. A Kovach aide showed up to the State Division of Elections in Trenton on Monday to file for the June…

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Candidate For GOP Nomination Against Pallone Is Democratic Fundraiser/Donor

eppanapallyHari Eppanapally of Livingston will be seeking the Republican nomination for congress in the 6th congressional district next Saturday at the Monmouth and Middlesex nominating conventions. His prior political experience is as an active fundraiser for Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula’s 2012 congressional run against Republican Congressman Leonard Lance in the 7th congressional district.

Eppanapply contributed $2500 to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

MMM hereby endorses Eppanapally for the Democratic nomination for congress in CD-6.

Really.  Eppanapally has a better chance of beating Frank Pallone in the Democratic primary than he does of beating Pallone in the general election.

The Vice President and member of the Board of The Financial Policy Council, a free market oriented non-profit think tank and policy advocate, Eppanapally would be a much better congressman than Pallone.

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Congressman Leonard Lance offers a prebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

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Shutdown: N.J. Republicans mirror deepening divisions within national party

Shutdown: N.J. Republicans mirror deepening divisions within national party (via NJ.com)

WASHINGTON — Rep. Scott Garrett insists Democrats are to blame for the shutdown — now in its 11th day — saying it was them who “failed to fund the federal government” and must negotiate a rollback of the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Leonard Lance…

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Governor Christie Endorsed By Republican New Jersey Congressional Delegation

police-lights-on-charger_2681226_GIFSoup.comBridgewater, NJ – Chris Christie for New Jersey today announced the unanimous endorsement of Governor Christie’s reelection bid by the Republican members of New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation.  The six members, representing New Jerseyans in all but one of the state’s counties, pointed to the Governor’s strong leadership, record of accomplishment for New Jersey, and progress made in creating over 127,000 private sector jobs since taking office – all without raising taxes on overburdened New Jersey families.
“Governor Christie has provided effective leadership for New Jersey. From reforming pensions to holding the line on taxes, he is working to make our state more competitive for job creation,” said Congressman Scott Garrett. “New Jersey would be well served with Governor Christie at the helm for another four years. I am glad to join my colleagues in supporting his re-election.”

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Bayshore Tea Party Group Announces Endorsements

The Bayshore Tea Party Group announced the following endorsements this afternoon:

GOP CD-6 primary:  Anna Little

GOP CD-7 primary: David Larsen

GOP U.S. Senate primary: Bader Qarmout

The announcement stated simply, “We are proud to announce our support of the above candidates and look forward to working with them in their efforts to represent us.”

Little, the former mayor of Highlands, a former Monmouth County Freeholder and the 2010 GOP nominee in CD-6, is facing off with Asbury Park businessman and triCityNews columnist Ernesto Cullari for the nomination to take on Congressman Frank Pallone in the sixth district which is comprised of coastal northern Monmouth County and much of Middlesex County.  Little received the Republican part endorsement from the Middlesex GOP.  Cullari received the Monmouth GOP endorsement.

Larsen is taking a second primary run at incumbent GOP Congressman Leonard Lance in the 7th district which includes all of Hunterdon County, parts of Morris, Somerset, Warren and Union Counties and Millburn Township in Essex County.  Lance received the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on May 2.

Qarmout is running against State Senator Joe Kyrillos for the nomination to unseat U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.

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Congressional Primaries

The Republican Party will have primaries in both congressional districts that include Monmouth County on June 5.

Anna Little, the 2010 nominee in the 6th congressional district, will have the party line in Middlesex County.  Little filed petitions with the Secretary of State with 594 signatures.  Ernesto Cullari has the party line in Monmouth County.  He filed petitions with 319 signatures.   The winner of their primary will face Congressman Frank Pallone in the general election.

In the 4th congressional district, Congressman Chris Smith is being challenged by Terrence McGowan.  Smith filed with 1,064 signatures to McGowan’s 311.   200 signatures are required.

Brian Froelich of Spring Lake is the only Democrat who filed in the 4th district.

In the 7th district, Congressman Leonard Lance is being challenged by David Larsen in a head to head rematch of the 2010 primary that included two additional challengers.  Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula is the Democratic nominee.  He filed with 430 signatures.

The statewide list of congressional primary candidates can be found here.

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Congressional Voting Ratings

Pallone and Payne, 17 others are tied for #1 most liberal members of congress

Republicans Smith and LoBiondo have higher liberal rankings than conservative rankings

National Journal has released its annual Congressional Voting Ratings and New Jersey has two congressman tied for the #1 most liberal member of congress based upon how they voted throughout 2011.

Frank Pallone, NJ-6, Long Branch, after being ranked the 70th most liberal member of congress in 2009, the 33rd most liberal in 2010, surged to the top of the list to earn a number 1 ranking in 2011.

Donald Payne of Newark, NJ-10, shares the #1 liberal ranking with Pallone and 17 other members throughout the country.  Payne’s liberal ranking was 46 in 2009 and 113 in 2010.

Rush Holt, NJ-12 joins Pallone and Payne among the top 50 liberals, coming in at #43, a drop from his 14th place showing in 2010.  Holt was #1 in 2009.

The most conservative member of New Jersey’s delegation?  That would be Scott Garrett, NJ-5, which is really no surprise.  What is surprising is that Garrett, who is often portrayed in the New Jersey media as a right wing fringe lunatic and the most conservative member of congress, is in the middle of the pack, ranked # 143 on the conservative scale.

NJ-3 freshman Jon Runyan’s #181 conservative ranking makes him the #2 conservative in the New Jersey delegation.

Leonard Lance, NJ-7 is ranked #191 on the conservative list.  Rodney Frelinghuysen, NJ-11 is #206.

Republicans Chris Smith, NJ-4, and Frank LoBiondo, NJ-2, have higher liberal rankings than conservative rankings.  Smith is #195 on the liberal list and #235 on the conservative list.  LoBiondo is #205 on the liberal list and #225 on the conservative list.

In the Senate, Frank Lautenberg is #14 on the liberal list.  Bob Menendez is #31 on the liberal list.


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Republicans Win The Congressional Map Battle

The New Jersey congressional delegation will likely be equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, 6 of each, after the next election, thanks to John Farmer, Dean of Rutgers Law School and the tie breaking member of the redistricting commission.  Farmer told the partisan members of the commission that he would vote for the Republicans’ map when the commission meets in at the Statehouse this morning, according to reports on Politickernj and NJ.com.

The new map will combine portions of the current 5th, 8th and 9th districts and pit incumbent congressmen Scott Garrett (R) and Steve Rothman (D) in a district that gives Republicans a 4% advantage based upon historical voting patterns.

According to the Politickernj story, the new map gives Congressman Chris Smith a larger portion of Monmouth County than his previous 4th district.  The district remains safely Republican for Smith, New Jersey’s longest serving congressman.

The 6th and 12th districts, represented by Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, respectively, remain safe for the Democratic incumbents, according to Politickernj.

The 7th district, represented by Republican Leonard Lance will now be a safer district for the incumbent.

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