An Out Of The Box Thought For Tea Parties To Consider

1058-alice-tea-party-cardClinton Mayor Janice Kovach’s failure to submit sufficient petition signatures to get on the ballot in CD-7 Democratic primary brought to mind a question I’ve been kicking around for a while.  What would be possible of Tea Parties competed in Democratic primaries?

Nationally, there is no question that the Tea Party movement has made a difference in restraining the growth of government since 2010 when the Republican Party took back the House of Representatives.   On the plus side, the Tea Party Caucus has restrained the Obama/Pelosi/Reed agenda.  On the down side, an argument could be made that if not for 2012 Tea Party victories in the senatorial primaries in Missouri and Indiana the GOP would be two seats closer to controlling the Senate. There would have been less “war on women” fodder for the liberal media and Democratic machine to use in defeating Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

Tea Parties boast that they stayed home in 2012 rather than voting for Romney, thereby assuring Obama’s reelection.  There are some Tea Parties campaigning for conservatives to withhold their votes in 2016 if the GOP does not nominate a candidate that meets their approval.

Tea Parties have had some success in Republican primaries that have resulted in losses of “safe” Republican seats in general elections.  Delaware in 2010, and Missouri and Indiana in 2012.  If Tea Party conservatives really don’t vote in general elections rather than choosing between “the lesser of two evils,” the are assuring the the greater of two evils wins.

Why not take the battle to the Democrats?  Why fight only with “RINOs” and then surrender the general elections to the Democrats?

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