Hope for Highlands


Just 200 feet from where the guts of their homes are piled a story high and a block wide, the residents of Highlands took a break from their clean up today and came together in Huddy Park to enjoy the gorgeous weather, good food and music and to smile, laugh, cry, and look forward to rebuilding their community.

With music provided by Carl Gentry, Mary McCrink, Dave McCarthy and Kristian Rex, weary and waterlogged Highlanders greeted each other with tired smiles and warm embraces as they stood in line to enjoy the $10,000 worth of food donated by Boardwalk Sausage of Neptune.  The outdoor kitchen was provided and staffed by the business owners, employees and volunteers of the Highlands Business Partnership(HBP).

HPB, a 501 c-3, has established a fund, Hope for Highlands to accept tax deductable contributions to support the community’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.  $6,672 was raised today at the event.

Tax deductable contributions to Hope for Highlands can be mailed to PO Box 375, Highlands, NJ 07732.  For additional information about the fund, call 732-291-4713.


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