Hope for Highlands


Just 200 feet from where the guts of their homes are piled a story high and a block wide, the residents of Highlands took a break from their clean up today and came together in Huddy Park to enjoy the gorgeous weather, good food and music and to smile, laugh, cry, and look forward to rebuilding their community.

With music provided by Carl Gentry, Mary McCrink, Dave McCarthy and Kristian Rex, weary and waterlogged Highlanders greeted each other with tired smiles and warm embraces as they stood in line to enjoy the $10,000 worth of food donated by Boardwalk Sausage of Neptune.  The outdoor kitchen was provided and staffed by the business owners, employees and volunteers of the Highlands Business Partnership(HBP).

HPB, a 501 c-3, has established a fund, Hope for Highlands to accept tax deductable contributions to support the community’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.  $6,672 was raised today at the event.

Tax deductable contributions to Hope for Highlands can be mailed to PO Box 375, Highlands, NJ 07732.  For additional information about the fund, call 732-291-4713.


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13 Comments on “Hope for Highlands”

  1. angus said at 11:44 am on November 12th, 2012:

    At least carla raised some money for herself.

  2. Karin Busichio said at 8:35 am on November 13th, 2012:

    No individual profited from this event, money going to help the town rebuild.

  3. Dolly said at 6:58 pm on November 13th, 2012:

    @ Angus…that was a really rude comment, uncalled for. Has no place here, especially not for this.

  4. Angus Mcdougald said at 8:30 am on November 15th, 2012:

    Ok you people think it is rude…
    The bid has been run for well over a decade.
    Carla has had well over a million in local tax money to improve the district.
    She makes like 500 a month on ‘managing the town website’

    What specifically will this new revenue source be used for?

    Carla is a scumbag whos influence makes the town look worse. Ask a realtor or businessperson what has

  5. Angus Mcdougald said at 8:44 am on November 15th, 2012:

    Ask a businessperson or realtor what has improved in the highlands in the last decade.

    I dont even believe she came up with event… i bet she jumped in someone elses…

    I feel for all those who lost normalcy and i really do feel bad for her family. I just wosg the town was being influenced by professionals that do not have hidden motives and backdoor plans.

    Danny shields or Jay Cosgrove or Skip or someone else should take over carlas elected position that she has controlled since the first day of the bid. She has not done her job well, she does not have a grand plan that is doable, she is offensive to many people around the state.
    We have a clean slate and a small window to

  6. Angus Mcdougald said at 8:53 am on November 15th, 2012:

    We have a clean slate and a thin window to retweak plans and influence redevelopment.

    And karin i am all for the event and even fundraising for the benefit if the town.

    I personally believe you that individuals did not profit from that day.

    I want to know what the money will be spent on. The bid budget and now the bid ‘sub charity’ should make all expenditures public preferably before the money is spent dontcha think?

  7. Art Gallagher said at 9:37 am on November 15th, 2012:


    Interesting and dishonest view from the cheap seats.

    What difference does it make if Carla thought up the event? She contributed mightily to it happening, despite her own devastating losses.

    Did you give any money? If not, shut up. You’re hatred is hurting our town.

    I don’t want to ban you from here, but I won’t hestitate to if this line of bullshit continues.

    Carla gives selflessly to the town she loves. Danny and Jay, and most of the other business owners, all of whom have benefitted greatly from Carla’s efforts…much more than she has…want her to lead the BID. Skip wouldn’t take the job if offered and he couldn’t do it as well.

  8. Karin said at 10:22 am on November 15th, 2012:

    As one of the original organizers of the Highlands Morale Booster event, this was originally put together as just a day of fun for residents and business people no funds to be cllected. We thought we had the High school for the day. Tinker had music lined up, My Real Estate office Gloria Nilson realtors were supplying the food along with Wells Fargo mortgage and some of the local business people. I had balloons, face painters etc lined up. Later in the week we found out we could not get the school due to the fact it was being used for shelter and needed to be cleaned Sunday to get ready for the children to return to school the next day. Friday we recieved a few phone calls from friends asking if we would be willing to get back on board and hold event at the park. These friends included business owners that also lost their homes and businesses. We agreed, so Tinker lined up music, I put balloons and face painters back in place, Wells Fargo still on board with desserts. Food was supplied by Doug, Leo, Carl Streit Provisioners, Food Bank other business owners and people from in and out of the town.When we agreed to get back on board with this we were unaware that the HBP was involved with this.We found this out Saturday late in the day when we were at Costco picking up some items for the event. We received a phone call saying the event was in the Press but now had a new name Hope For Highlands and sponsered by the HBP. We stayed on board for the residents and business owners of the town that are our friends. We were told that this event could not of happened without the HBP due to insurance for the event. Would like to think All the money will go to the proper channels. And our friend Suzy Graham stayed on board with the photography and Butch DeGregoria made the flyers, these flyers were made with the Highlands Morale Booster name, as we were unaware the name had been changed. Our apologies about that, but we only found out this Saturday late. All in All, the event did turn out to be a Morale Booster for the town. I would like to Truly believe nobody with a clear conscience would even think to profit.

  9. Karin said at 10:45 am on November 15th, 2012:

    And if there are future events for the town, Tinker and I would both be happy to be onboard!

  10. Angus Mcdougald said at 12:42 pm on November 15th, 2012:

    Thank you karin

    Lets at least not bury our heads in sand and forget what has happened in the past…

    Art what is the money for?
    Something like rebuilding the town is way too abstract for me….

    Btw it is funny you want to threaten to ban me…. for an opinion.

  11. Art Gallagher said at 1:07 pm on November 15th, 2012:


    Thank you and Tinker for contributing to the event.


    My understanding is that the money will be distributed by Tim Hill, according to need.

    I didn’t want to threaten to ban you for an opinion or to respond at all.

    Like a polite host, I let the first comment slide. I was glad that Karin and Dolly corrected you. But then you decided to spew your hate some more in my house. Now you’ve been warned.

    Please don’t wear out your welcome.

  12. brian said at 2:39 pm on November 15th, 2012:

    Hey Angus–want to make highlands better???? How about you clean up the pig sty that is your property!! Atlantic cleared out your garbage from First Ave, now clean up your filth on Shrewsbury Ave you slob.

  13. brian said at 2:40 pm on November 15th, 2012:

    How about the Code Enforcer does his job and slaps a summons on your ass—-slob.