Monmouth Poll: Clinton’s National Lead Shrinks

Non-candidate Biden makes gains

assetContentWest Long Branch, NJ – Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic field has shrunk over the past month, mainly due to increased support for a candidate who isn’t even in the race.  The latest national Monmouth University Poll of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters shows Joe Biden’s support rising as speculation swirls around his potential entry into the race.  The poll also found that the prospect of a Biden-Elizabeth Warren ticket appeals to many Bernie Sanders voters.

Hillary Clinton currently has the support of 42% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters nationwide, which is down from 52% just one month ago.  Joe Biden (22%) and Bernie Sanders (20%) are practically tied for second.  This represents an increase of 10 points in Biden’s support since August and a 4 point rise for Sanders over the same span.

In addition to the 22% who currently back Biden for the nomination, another 7% of Democrats say they would be very likely to consider voting for him if he does get into the race and a further 34% would be somewhat likely.  The total of 63% who either back Biden now or would support him if he ran is up from 56% who said the same in July.  Majorities of current Clinton (56%) and Sanders (56%) voters say they would be at least somewhat likely to consider switching their support to Biden if he jumps into the race.

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