Democratic Platform: God and Jerusalem out. Taxpayer funded abortions, gay marriage in

What has happened to the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy?   Isn’t Jimmy Carter a born again Christian?

I can’t imagine the delegates in Charlotte knew what they were voting for last night.  Like ObamaCare, they had to pass it to find out what was in it.

Senator Dick Durbin went on the offensive with FoxNews’s Bret Baier over the omission of “God” and “Jerusalem” rather than simply answer the question:

“God is not a franchise of the Republican Party.”   This is the first time I’ve ever heard God referred to as a “franchise.”

New York Senator Chuck Schumer could not explan why “Jerusalem” was taken out of the platform. He said he does not know President Obama’s postion on Jerusalem. Charlie Rose is not buying what Schumer is selling:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker was co-chair of the platform committee. I sent him a tweet asking why “God” and “Jerusalem” were taken out of the platform. Hopefully Booker will be more forth coming than Durbin and Schumer.

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