White House Budget Has No Gateway Tunnel Funding—Booker Suggests Naming The Tunnel For Trump

photo via Gov Cuomo’s flicker

President Trump’s 2020 budget has no funding for the Gateway Tunnel and Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jeffrey Rosen said New York and New Jersey should pay for the tunnel, according to AMNY:

“Those transit projects are local responsibilities, and elected officials from New York and New Jersey are the ones accountable for them,” said U.S. Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Jeffrey Rosen on Monday, during a budget briefing call with reporters.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker responded by suggesting that the tunnel be named after Trump, according to the NY DailyNews: Read the rest of this entry »

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Democratic Platform: God and Jerusalem out. Taxpayer funded abortions, gay marriage in

What has happened to the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy?   Isn’t Jimmy Carter a born again Christian?

I can’t imagine the delegates in Charlotte knew what they were voting for last night.  Like ObamaCare, they had to pass it to find out what was in it.

Senator Dick Durbin went on the offensive with FoxNews’s Bret Baier over the omission of “God” and “Jerusalem” rather than simply answer the question:

“God is not a franchise of the Republican Party.”   This is the first time I’ve ever heard God referred to as a “franchise.”

New York Senator Chuck Schumer could not explan why “Jerusalem” was taken out of the platform. He said he does not know President Obama’s postion on Jerusalem. Charlie Rose is not buying what Schumer is selling:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker was co-chair of the platform committee. I sent him a tweet asking why “God” and “Jerusalem” were taken out of the platform. Hopefully Booker will be more forth coming than Durbin and Schumer.

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Lautenberg Recommends Schumer’s Brother-in-law For Federal Bench

New Jersey is “stunned”

menendez-schumer-and-lautenbergNew Jersey was stunned that U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg recommended U.S Senator Chuck Schumer’s brother-in-law to be a federal judge, according to a headline in the NYPost.

I live in New Jersey and I’m not stunned.  Are you stunned?

Lautenberg  and Senator Robert Menendez recommended Kevin McNulty of Short Hills for a federal judgeship in October.  President Obama nominated McNulty for a seat on the New Jersey District bench on December 16th.

McNulty, a Director of the Newark firm, Gibbons, PC is married to Schumer’s sister Fran.

The Post says that McNulty was a last minute choice of Lautenberg who had been actively considering other candidates and that the choice was made to keep New Jersey’s senior citizen senator in the good graces of Schumer who will help him stave off a movement within the Democratic party to challenge his nomination for reelection in 2014.

Lautenberg will be 88 years old in January.  He’ll be 90 on election day 2014.  96 at the end of another term, should he be reelected and survive.

Lautenberg’s staff denied that politics was involved with the McNulty appointment.  The senator didn’t even know McNulty was related to Schumer when his name first came up for a judicial appointment in 2009.  Maybe he forgot.

Schumer’s staff denied that he had anything to do with the nomination.

The point of the story seems to be that Lautenberg is running for another term.  Not even Frank Pallone is stunned by that news. 

The other point would be that a candidate for the bench other than McNulty was stunned. Oh well.

The good news is the McNulty appears to be qualified to be a federal judge.  The Schumer-McNulty’s do not appear to have bought political influence.  McNulty has made on $2000 in federal campaign contributionssince 2000; $500 to Jon Corzine’s senatorial election campaign and $1500 to his firms PAC.  Fran Schumer gave another $500 to Corzine in 2000.

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Stunning Upset In NY CD-9

In what is being viewed as a stinging rebuke to President Obama, the largely Jewish 9th Congressional District of New York elected Republican Bob Turner to the House of Representatives yesterday in a special election to replace disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

The congressional seat had previously been held by Chuck Schumer and Geraldine Ferraro.  The seat has been filled by a Democrat since 1923.

A MMM reader wrote:

You do not know how important this was.  I lived in that district.  When Schumer ran he would get 88-90 percent of the vote.  R’s would put up a token.  This is like a D winning in Rumson.  This district is so ingrained with the New Deal it shows that Obama is very vulnerable because the district voters were not voting against Weprin or voting for Turner.  They were voting against the Big “O.”
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