Christie touts a familiar subject at CPAC

CPAC 022615

OXON HILL, Md. — There were subtle jabs at Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, but the subject New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spent most of his time discussing at a conservative convention on Thursday was one he presumably knows best: himself. Christie touted his willingness to take unscripted questions from voters, even when that means having… Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Christie: Media can’t define us

Chris Christie: Media can’t define us (via CNN Video)

Gov. Chris Christie speaks to the CPAC crowd about the media and issues facing the Republican party.

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Chris Christie to speak at CPAC a year after snub

Chris Christie to speak at CPAC a year after snub (via NJ.com)

NEWARK — A year after being denied a speaking spot at one of the largest annual gatherings of conservatives, Gov. Chris Christie will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference next month, according to a report on Yahoo News. The gathering…

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CPAC Snubs Are Bad Policy

Gov. Christie & Gay Conservatives Should Be Allowed to Plead Their Cases at Annual Conservative Conference


By Matt Ronney, Save Jersey

Back in 2004, Save Jerseyans, your Blogger-in-Chief was an undergraduate at Washington, D.C.’s Catholic University of America when a couple other friends and I interned at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

It was an amazing experience for a wide-eyed young conservative nerd to interact with so many distinguished politicians, media personalities and career activists in one place.

It was also a very different time in the Republican Party, and I discovered a healthy level of intellectual diversity on display from the right-of-center CPAC attendees. Libertarians, neocons, paleocons, fiscal conservatives and social conservatives from across the country mixed, drank, shared  cabs, and downed hot dogs while discussing equally hot races in long book signing queques.

The common thread among the CPAC patrons? A healthy disdain for large, active, expensive and intrusive federal governance.

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American Conservative Union Rates New Jersey Legislators

American Conservative Union, the folks who put on the CPAC conventions and who have since 1971 been rating the conservatism of members of Congress have rated the conservatism of New Jersey’s state legislators.

ACU tracked the votes on 11 pieces of legislation for Assembly members and 9 votes in the Senate.  Those who voted the way ACU favored 100% of the time were declared “Defenders of Liberty.”  Those who voted with ACU on 80% or more of the bills earned the designation “ACU Conservative.”

Those legsilators who never voted the way ACU favored, most of the Democrats, earned the designation “True Liberals of the Garden State.”

Some of the results in the Monmouth County delegation, Districts 11, 12, 13 and 30, are surprising.  At least they are to me.

If you asked me to predict who among the Monmouth County delegation would have earned a 100% conservative, “Defender of Liberty” designation I would have guessed only 11th District Assemblywoman Caroline Cassagrande.  I would have guessed wrong.  Cassagrande didn’t even make the 80% “ACU Conservative” cut.  She voted the ACU way 8 of 11 times for a 73% rating.   The 3 votes Cassagrande cast that did not meet ACU approval were for 1) for legislation that requires businesses to post notices that employees have the right to be free from gender inequality, 2) for legislation that would ban treating waste water from fracking and 3) a bill that provided tax credits for electric car charging stations.

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Internet Buzzing With Theories That Breitbart Was Murdered

Andrew Brietbart’s acolytes have taken to twitter with the theory that the conservative blogger was murdered this morning.

Brietbart would very likely approve.

Twits on the left have take to twitter to celebrate the blogger’s death.  Brietbart would have retweeted them.

#Breitbart click here for the twitter feed.

The conspiracy theorists point to Brietbart’s speech at CPAC in February wherein he said he had video of Barak Obama in college that he would release during the heat of the presidential campaign to vette the president.

Here’s that portion of Breitbart’s CPAC address:


Later in the speech Breitbart said he had copies of emails that would prove that the mainstream media is conspiring with lefitist radicals to ensure Obama’s reelection and the destruction of the United States.

Here is the entire CPAC speech.  The email comment is at about the 11:10 mark.


The Los Angeles coroner’s office is expected to perform an autopsy tomorrow.

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Help the Rider University College Republicans go to CPAC 2012. Donate today!

 Our deadline is this Thursday afternoon!

By Charles Measley


The Rider University College Republicans are under assault by the liberal Rider University administration. After reaching out to the schools finance committee back in November, the finance committee has decided to delay any funding leaving us in an uncertain position. We would like to be able to fund our own trip without having to rely on the committee. We are reaching out to ask if you can help us by making a donation. CPAC starts this Thursday and the school finance committee has just notified us of the delay with no hearing date set.


In comparison the finance board rapidly funded a trip for the Rider University Environmental club protesting the Keystone pipeline back in November where the

protest they attended changed the Department of Interior decision from yes to no on the Keystone pipeline.


We are asking you to help support the future of this great country and of the conservative movement. Please consider making a donation today!


Every day the Rider University College Republicans stand up against left-wing professors indoctrinating your children, not just here at Rider but all across New Jersey. Because the Rider Republicans take a stand for freedom they are facing funding challenges from Rider University. In order to standup against left-wing professors we need your support! Please consider donating today!


P.S. Our goal is to raise $5,000 as of now we have $2,000, if you can donate of as much as you can that would be greatly appreciated.

“As Chairman of the Rider University College Republicans, I want to let everyone know that US Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos was extremely generous in donating to our trip to CPAC!

I want to ask if you could follow in Joe’s footsteps and make a donation today! You can do it by the link below, we would really appreciate it!” – Charles D. Measley 


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