Internet Buzzing With Theories That Breitbart Was Murdered

Andrew Brietbart’s acolytes have taken to twitter with the theory that the conservative blogger was murdered this morning.

Brietbart would very likely approve.

Twits on the left have take to twitter to celebrate the blogger’s death.  Brietbart would have retweeted them.

#Breitbart click here for the twitter feed.

The conspiracy theorists point to Brietbart’s speech at CPAC in February wherein he said he had video of Barak Obama in college that he would release during the heat of the presidential campaign to vette the president.

Here’s that portion of Breitbart’s CPAC address:


Later in the speech Breitbart said he had copies of emails that would prove that the mainstream media is conspiring with lefitist radicals to ensure Obama’s reelection and the destruction of the United States.

Here is the entire CPAC speech.  The email comment is at about the 11:10 mark.


The Los Angeles coroner’s office is expected to perform an autopsy tomorrow.

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