Chaos in Charlotte

A divided Democratic National Convention amended the platform they had adopted just yesterday to reassert the party’s commitment that Jerusalem be the the capitol of Israel and that God is the source of American values.

The amendment was offered by former Ohio Governor Ted Stickland who served as the chair of the platform committee.

The convention’s by-laws require a 2/3 vote to amend the platform.  Convention Chairman Antonio R. Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angelos, called for a voice vote three times before he declared that the motion to amend the platform had passed.

Does it look/sound like a 2/3’s majority to you?



The New York Times reports that opposition to the Jerusalem amendment came from Majid Al-Bahadli, an Iraqi-American who is a delegate from Washington.  Al-Bahadli spent time as a prisoner of war during the first Gulf War for taking up American calls to rebel against Saddam Hussein.

@CoryBooker, the co-chair of the platform committee, has yet to explain why “God” and “Jerusalem” were omitted in the first place.


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