Did Booker Lie About His “Extreme” Stand On Abortion?

photo via facebook

photo via facebook

During the U.S. Senatorial debate on Friday when Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan were calling each other extremists, Lonegan charged that Booker supports late term and partial birth abortions.

Booker countered, “I support, when it comes to a woman’s right to choose, the law of the land as it is right now.”

However, Booker told a different story to Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) a different story while seeking their endorsements to be New Jersey’s next U.S. Senator.

MMM has obtained an endorsement memo that Booker provided to Planned Parenthood and a completed questionnaire he provided NARAL.  The documents were leaked a Google Group which has since been closed to public view.

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Democrats Included Planned Parenthood Funding in NJ Supplemental Budget Proposal

By Marie Tasy, Executive Director, NJ Right to Life

Update:  The General Assembly will vote on these bills today!  Take Action!

The Senate Budget Committee released these bills on Tuesday.  I testified against both bills.  Read the article here.  Please call your state assembly members today and tell them to vote no on

A4171 and A4172.  The Senate will most likely take the bills on Monday so please call them also and tlel them to vote No.  Thank you.


State Legislation – Take Action Immediately!

Pro-Abortion Democrat State Legislators have once again introduced bills to use taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood despite the fact that Governor Christie has vetoed similar measures four times. The Assembly Budget Committee released the following two bill this afternoon and the Senate Budget Committee has scheduled them for a hearing tomorrow.

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The Human Life Amendment Belongs in the GOP Platform

By Marie Tasy, Executive Director New Jersey Right to Life

Republicans traditionally don’t win the women’s vote. Even pro-abortion Governor Christine Todd Whitman never won the women’s vote. The pro-life Republican party platform sets forth a goal to right a terrible wrong and it’s a worthy one, indeed. Did the abolitionists succeed in eradicating slavery overnight? No, but they perservered and eventually slavery was abolished in our land. Abortion is the human rights issue of our day. It is deeply disturbing that the Democrat party platform supports abortion on demand and states unequivocally that every American taxpayer should be forced to pay for it. This is truly the extreme position and one that is not supported by the majority of Americans. Every abortion is a tragedy and an act of violence that kills children and hurts women. That is why the pro-life movement offers financial and practical help to women in crisis pregnancies through pregnancy aid centers and maternity homes. We also offer help to the growing number of women who regret their abortion through many organizations and community outreach programs. To suggest that we should stop there is ill conceived and short sighted. Even legal scholars who support abortion admit the Supreme Court’s findings in Roe v. Wade are fatally flawed. The basis for the decision was based on a lie. Will abortion be eradicated in our lifetime? Perhaps not, but for Americans who value life, we have every right to work through political and legal avenues (as did our predecessors in previous civil rights struggles) to try to prevent the violent slaughter of millions of unborn children and the wounding of their mothers. We applaud the GOP for setting forth this goal for our country and will continue to work toward the day when this worthy goal becomes a reality.

Todd Akin admitted he misspoke and apologized. It’s time to focus on and expose Obama’s radical positions. Obama never met an abortion he didn’t like. His positions are so extreme he even voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. His HHS contraceptive mandate which is an attack on the first amendment’s religious liberty and freedom of conscience protections was drafted with the help of Planned Parenthood and other like minded groups who will financially benefit from the new policy. Moreover, his national healthcare plan will force every American to pay for abortion and will ration health care for the elderly. He has given millions of our hard earned tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider who has been repeatedly caught on tape aiding and abetting the sexual predators of minors. And there’s so much more! It’s time to expose these positions to the American people and stop playing into the feeding frenzy of the left.

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Is UMDNJ The New Planned Parenthood?

By James Hogan

If you’ve been following the snooze lately, you might have heard that NJ’s own UMDNJ tried to force nurses with religious or moral objections into assisting with abortions, which seems to be a violation of Federal and State law. UMDNJ has countered by arguing that they are requiring their nurses to assist with “pre-” and “post-” care, which sounds like a case of testing semantics to me. Regardless of if their order for nurses to assist at any point violates the federal or state law, there seems to be another, much larger problem that is going unnoticed in the snooze; UMDNJ performs abortions.

Maybe that’s old news to you the reader, but it was news to me because, at least as far as I knew, federal law, specifically the Hyde Amendment, prohibits federal tax dollars from funding abortions. UMDNJ boasts on it’s website “Over the last five years, UMDNJ has attracted $628 million in federal research grants.” In other words, UMDNJ has received $628 million in federal dollars, and performs abortions. They may or may not have received funds directly for abortions, but it wasn’t so long ago that the US House Voted for strip funding from Planned Parenthood after similar concerns about abortions being performed there were brought to light.

It also seems important to note that NJ Governor Chris Christie, who seems to be openly pro-life, and “as the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Christie led a federal takeover of UMDNJ in 2005 amid allegations of fiscal mismanagement and political corruption at the institution.” More recently, Governor Chris Christie gave an OK to merge UMDNJ, where abortions are performed and federal tax money is sent, with Rutgers, the State University of NJ, that also receives state, and probably federal money. The best I can hope is that, like me, Chris Christie will find it news that UMDNJ performs abortions, but unlike me, he’ll be able to do something about it. And, in the opinion of this Average No One, this issue should matter to you regardless of if you are pro-life or pro-choice because the issue is really about where your federal tax money is going, and if a federal law is being broken by spending your tax money on abortions.

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NJ Right To Life Rally To Oppose Planned Parenthood Funding

Please come down to Trenton on Monday, May 23rd to let your voice be heard.

Event, Place and Time:  Rally on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 12 noon on the Steps of the State House in Trenton, followed by 2 p.m. Senate Voting Session, Senate Gallery, 2nd floor of State House

Purpose:  Oppose S2899, bill to fund Planned Parenthood

Revenue forecasts show that NJ is getting approximately $900 million from income tax returns and Senator Weinberg believes that $7.5M of it should go to Planned Parenthood!

That’s right.  I just received word that Senator Loretta Weinberg introduced bill S2899 to fund Planned Parenthood family planning clinics today and Senate President Stephen Sweeney agreed to post it for a 2 p.m. Senate vote on Monday, May 23rd.   In a statement released today, Senator Sweeney called Senator Weinberg, “a tireless advocate for women” and thanked her for her “constant and consistent fight on behalf of the women of New Jersey.”  They are furious at Governor Christie for repeatedly vetoing bills to restore funds to their favorite core constitutency – Planned Parenthood. 

Bill S2899 was introduced today, placed on 2nd reading and scheduled for a vote on Monday.  The reason they are rushing this bill through is because they are hoping NJ citizens aren’t paying attention.   Just last week, NJRTL exposed a 39 page deficiency report  obtained through an Open Public Records Act Request. The Report was issued by the NJ Department of Health and involved a recent inspection of Planned Parenthood of Mercer County’s abortion and family planning clinic citing numerous health and safety violations.  This report follows a videotape showing a Planned Parenthood clinic employee aiding and abetting sex traffickers of minor girls as young as 13.   

By pushing to fund Planned Parenthood in spite of its criminal activity and violation of health and safety laws, both of which place the lives of women and young girls in immediate danger, Senator Weinberg proves she is not a champion of women.  She is a champion and tireless advocate for Planned Parenthood and is fighting to fund them with our hard earned money.  That is why NJRTL has scheduled a rally in Trenton on Monday at 12 noon to support Governor Christie’s veto of these bills and expose Weinberg and Sweeney’s political chicanery in the name of women’s health. 

Can I count on you to stand with me on Monday, May 23rd  to send a message to our Senators to vote No on S2899 and let them know we are watching how they vote?  Please send this message to all your pro-life friends and family and please plan to attend the rally at 12 noon Monday, followed by the 2 p.m. Senate voting session, if possible!  Mothers with small children are welcome!   Please email me to let me know whether you will attend.  Please also send a prewritten message to your State Senator, two Assembly members and Governor Christie from the Legislative Action center of our Website on this matter.  Here is the link to the page.     Thank you!

For Life,

Marie Tasy, Executive Director New Jersey Right to Life

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Chris Smith’s “No Federal Funding For Abortion” Bill Passes The House

By Art Gallagher

H.R. 3, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, championed by Congressman Chris Smith, passed the House of Representatives this week, 251-175.  All Republicans in the House and 16 Democrats voted for the bill’s passage.

The bill would make permanent the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion through Medicaid and other federal programs.  Additionally “indirect subsidies” like tax credits and deductions for abortions, insurance premiums on policies that cover abortion, and the use of tax-exempt savings plans to pay for abortion, are prohibited by the measure.

The bill has less of a chance to pass the Democratically controlled Senate than a African American or Hispanic fetus has of surviving its mother’s visit to a Planned Parenthood clinic.

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Hispanics/Latinos Are New Jersey’s Largest Minority Group

By Art Gallagher

Hispanics have surpassed African Americans as the largest minority group in New Jersey, according to the 2010 U.S. Census figures released this week.   The census reported 1,555,144 Latinos living in the Garden State in 2010 compared to 1,204,826 African Americans.  

Over the decade, the Hispanic population grew 39% in New Jersey from 1,117,191 reported in the 2000 census.  The African American population declined .6% from 1,211,750. 

Apparently Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project which seeks to limit the growth of the African American community by encouraging abortions is working in New Jersey.

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Planned Parenthood Manager Fired Over Video. LiveAction Still Blew It

By Art Gallagher

Amy Woodruff, the office manager of the Perth Amboy Planned Parenthood office caught on tape cooperating with people she believed to be engaged in underage prostitution and sex trafficking, by pro-life activists from LiveAction.org, has been fired, according to a report in the Star Ledger.

LiveAction has been subject to criticism for releasing an edited abridged version of their undercover video. In response, they have released the entire video which can be viewed here.

Yet releasing the full video of the Perth Amboy undercover visit does not tell the whole story.  Nor does it absolve LiveAction of its well deserved criticism.  LiveAction and their leader, Lila Rose, set their cause back with this stunt.

LiveAction’s undercover “reporters” visited Planned Parenthood offices in five states and the District of Columbia as part of their sting, including the Shrewsbury office which was visited on January 13.  Planned Parenthood informed the FBI and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of the suspected sex trafficking ring.  They issued a statement to the effect that they had sought an FBI probe .  The Associated Press ran a story on January 24 which quoted Rose implying that sex trafficking ring was indeed her undercover reporters:

Lila Rose, Live Action’s founder and president, described Planned Parenthood’s assertion as “very interesting.” She declined to confirm or deny that the clinic visits were part of a Live Action operation, but did indicate in a telephone interview that an undercover videotape project of some sort was in the works.

“The story that speaks loudest will be in the evidence,” she said. “I can’t comment until we release the visual evidence.”

The evidence is that Planned Parenthood did the right thing by reporting the suspected sex trafficking ring to the authorities.   Rose’s response should not have been “very interesting.”  It should have been to come clean and inform the FBI of her organization’s operation. Law enforcement resources could have (should have) been diverted from real threats to investigate Planned Parenthood’s report.  Lives could have been lost or real sex traffickers could have victimized additional children or adult female slaves due to Rose’s recklessness.

Planned Parenthood will win the PR war over this stunt.  That is very unfortunate, as Rose’s cause, to prevent taxpayer funding of abortions, is a good one.  

Rose and LiveAction  have damaged their credibility and that of other pro-life organizations that blindly accepted and promoted the stunt.  Conservatives must resist the tempation to adopt left wing methods to advance our cause.  To do so makes us no better than the lefties who attempted to blame the Arizonia shootings on conservative hate speech.  

Undercover investigations are appropriate.  But when your cover is blown and/or your target does the right thing, the battle has already been lost.  In this case, the battle was lost and the cause was damaged.

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Update On LiveAction Video

Media Matters calls video a HOAX.  Says Planned Parenthood already alerted federal authorities of a suspected sex trafficing ring.

The “otherside” of the story, per Media Matters:

Today, anti-abortion rights propagandist Lila Rose released her latest in a series of heavily edited videos seeking to demonstrate that Planned Parenthood engages in criminal activities. Rose’s organization, Live Action, claims their video exposes what they call “Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of child sex trafficking.”

Except that isn’t what the video shows at all.

Rather, the Live Action video shows edited comments made by a single Planned Parenthood employee. Live Action has so far refused to publicly release the full video of the incident, instead posting what the organization itself admits is an “abridged 11-minute video.” (Live Action claims they are “sending full footage” to law enforcement officials.)

Is Live Action accurately portraying the Planned Parenthood employee’s statements and actions? It’s impossible to say for sure without the full video, but there is good reason for media to be skeptical. Lila Rose, after all, began infiltrating abortion clinics in collaboration with James O’Keefe — a convicted criminal who repeatedly lied about his heavily edited ACORN videos. Rose herself has a history of smearing the subjects of her videos.

But even if Live Action’s video doesn’t take the employee out of context, the incident obviously doesn’t show Planned Parenthood covering up child sex trafficking. That’s because Planned Parenthood has already reported the “potential sex trafficking” to law enforcement officials.

On January 24, Planned Parenthood released the following statement, titled “Planned Parenthood Informs Federal Authorities of Potential Sex Trafficking” [emphasis in original]:

Last week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) alerted federal authorities to a potential multistate sex trafficking ring.  Over a five day period, visitors to Planned Parenthood health centers in six states said they were seeking information from Planned Parenthood about health services Planned Parenthood could provide to underage girls who were part of a sex trafficking ring.  Subsequent to alerting U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Planned Parenthood learned the identify of one of those involved and believes these visits are likely a hoax by opponents of legal abortion seeking to discredit Planned Parenthood, which delivers preventive health care and abortion services to three million women each year.

Men, sometimes accompanied by a woman, have visited at least 11 Planned Parenthood health centers in six states within a one-week time frame.  During their visits, they claimed to be involved in sex trafficking of teens, some of whom are in the United States illegally.  These men appeared at health centers without appointments and said that they were seeking health services for themselves, but they quickly turned the conversation to the sex ring they said they were managing.  

“When Planned Parenthood learns of an operation that exploits young women, we vigilantly work with law enforcement authorities to uncover and stop this abhorrent activity,” said Stuart Schear, PPFA vice president for communications.  “Planned Parenthood’s top priority is the health and safety of our patients and the health and well-being of women and teens across the country, and we have been in contact with federal and local authorities to identify the persons involved in these visits.”

One of the men involved in these visits has now been identified, and he appears to be associated with or influenced by Live Action, an anti-Planned Parenthood organization that uses surreptitious videotaping and manipulative editing for media and political campaigns.  The pattern of these visits and the highly unusual nature of the information being shared with staff lends credibility to the possibility that these multistate visits are part of this organization’s ongoing effort to “bring down” Planned Parenthood, a nearly 100-year-old organization with more than 800 health centers from coast to coast.  Live Action is associated with James O’Keefe, the conservative activist who was arrested for attempting to wiretap the offices of Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

In recent years Planned Parenthood has been the target of activists attempting to portray the organization negatively by secretly videotaping inside health centers and publicizing heavily edited versions of those tapes to the media.  Recent incidents are the first time that such visitors have told Planned Parenthood staff that they are involved in sex trafficking of minor girls.

“If a multistate sex trafficking operation is in place, those responsible must be pursued to stop the exploitation of girls and young women,” said Schear.  “If these visits are part of a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign, they must be condemned.  Falsely claiming sex trafficking to health professionals to advance a political agenda is an astoundingly cynical form of political activity.”

All Planned Parenthood staff have been alerted to the suspicious visits, and Planned Parenthood is working with FBI investigators and local authorities.

Last week, the AP reported that “Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and requesting an FBI investigation. If the man’s assertions were true, she wrote, they would indicate possible violations of federal laws dealing with interstate sex trafficking of minors. … Schear said there had been some preliminary contacts with the FBI, which was asking for information from the clinics that were visited.”

Planned Parenthood reported the potential sex trafficking to the Attorney General and the FBI. So clearly, Planned Parenthood wasn’t trying to cover anything up.  

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Perth Amboy Planned Parenthood Manager Taped Coaching Underage Sex Trafficking Pimp

Shocking video shows office manager coaching a man posing as a pimp on how to “beat the system” of protection for underage sex trafficking victims.

The undercover video was produced by LiveAction.Org, a youth led pro-life movement based in San Jose, California.

From LiveAction’s blog:

NEW JERSEY – February 1, 2011– A Planned Parenthood manager in New Jersey coaches a man and a woman posing as sex traffickers how to secure secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for their female underage sex slaves, and make their whole operation “look as legit as possible” in an undercover video released this morning.

Clinic manager Amy Woodruff, LPN, of Planned Parenthood Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy center, warns the pimp and his prostitute to have their trafficked underage girls lie about their age to avoid mandatory reporting laws, promising, “even if they lie, just say, ‘Oh he’s the same age as me, 15,’…it’s just that mainly 14 and under we have to, doesn’t matter if their partner’s the same age, younger, whatever, 14 and under we have to report.” She says, “For the most part, we want as little information as possible.”

Woodruff also recommends how the pimp can get his prostitutes cheaper contraception by claiming they are “students”: “If they’re minors, put down that they’re studentsMemphis. Yeah, just kind of play along that they’re students–we want to make it look as legit as possible.”

If one of the young trafficked girls needs an abortion, Woodruff refers the pimp and prostitute to the Metropolitan Medical Association, where “their protocols aren’t as strict as ours and they don’t get audited the same way that we do.” The prostitute in the video asks how long after the abortion until the girls can have sex again, and when Woodruff says “minimum of 2 weeks,” she asks what sex acts the girls could still do to make money. Woodruff advises, “Waist up, or just be that extra action walking by” to advertise sex to potential clients.

Sex trafficking is punishable under federal law and carries a potential life sentence. The new video is released by Live Action, a pro-life new media organization led by 22-year-old Lila Rose. The video airs just days after Planned Parenthood’s leadership suspected the sting operation and sought an FBI probe of Live Action in order to deter the release of the exposé. Live Action is sending full footage to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, NJ Attorney General Paula Dow, officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and other law enforcement officials, requesting federal and state investigations into Planned Parenthood’s sexual abuse and sex trafficking cover up.Memphis

The abridged 11-minute video is available at: LiveAction.org

“This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Planned Parenthood intentionally breaks state and federal laws and covers up the abuse of the young girls it claims to serve,” said Lila Rose, President of Live Action. “Time and time again, Planned Parenthood has sent young girls back into the arms of their abusers. They don’t deserve a dime of the hundreds of millions they receive in federal funding from taxpayers. Congress must cease funding and the Department of Justice should investigate this corrupt organization immediately.”

Live Action has previously released more than a dozen hidden camera videos from ten states and shows the alarming trend of illegal Planned Parenthood activity including cover-up of sexual abuse of minors, the skirting of parental consent laws, citing unscientific and fabricated medical information to convince women to have abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s willingness to accept donations earmarked to abort African-American babies.

Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life, issue the following statement in response to the video:

“Over the last year, several NJ lawmakers endorsed by Planned Parenthood have continued to defy the Governor and push legislation to use taxpayer money to fund these clinics, “ said Marie Tasy, Executive Director for New Jersey Right to Life.  “ Using buzz words and phrases like ‘gender equity’ and  ‘poor women’s access to health care,’  these lawmakers have  invoked   ‘mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and friends who may one day find themselves without health care’  to try to obtain  support for their misguided attempts to fund Planned Parenthood.  After viewing this video, we ask, who in their right mind would trust their mother, wife, sister, friend and especially their minor daughter to Planned Parenthood?” 


“New Jersey taxpayers and every state and federal elected official and law enforcement agency throughout this country should be outraged that an organization claiming to conduct ‘extensive community outreach’ has been caught on tape doing everything in its power to conceal the sexual abuse and exploitation of girls as young as 14.  When Planned Parenthood says they provide ‘family planning’ services and brags that ‘we welcome everyone – regardless of race, age, income, sexual orientation, or disability,’ what they really mean is that they’re willing to make money on anyone, even child sex slaves,” said Tasy.


“We urge Congress to Defund Planned Parenthood and call on the U.S. Attorney General, the U.S. District Attorney and the NJ Attorney General  to immediately launch a complete investigation into  Planned Parenthood clinics and Metropolitan Medical Association in Englewood, NJ’s  operations for aiding and abetting in the sexual abuse and  trafficking of minors.  We thank Governor Christie for vetoing legislation in July which would have restored $7.6 million in funds to Planned Parenthood and urge him to veto A3273/S2393 so that the state of NJ and its taxpayers will not be complicit in the exploitation of poor women and minors under the pretense of ‘women’s health.’   We also call on Assembly Speaker Oliver and Senate President Sweeney to fulfill their obligation  to protect minor girls in NJ  by scheduling hearings on ACR71/SCR99, the Parental Notification Constitutional Amendment without delay,” said Tasy.

Amy Woodruff, the Planned Parenthood manager in the video was not available for comment when MMM called.  The women who answered the phone at the Perth Amboy office said someone would call back.  MMM will update this story when and if they do.

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