Karl Rove: No candidate with numbers like Romney’s has ever lost

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8 Comments on “Karl Rove: No candidate with numbers like Romney’s has ever lost”

  1. Art Gallagher said at 9:36 pm on October 17th, 2012:

    It’s days like today that I miss Rick Ambrosia

  2. Yeah, But Then said at 10:24 pm on October 17th, 2012:

    There’s Always Lil Bobbie

  3. Bob English said at 10:28 pm on October 17th, 2012:

    No matter if you are a D or an R, I think most people on MMM are smart enough not to look at one poll. I dont know if Gallop is right or wrong but I do know that every other poll I have seen the last few days has the race within a couple of points either way. Like I have said before, I dont totally trust any one particular poll but prefer to look at all of them and than draw conclussions.

    Of much more importance, are the individual state polls especially in the battleground states. As we found out in 2000, you can win the popular vote (Gore beat Bush by over half a million votes) and still lose an election…so nothing against Rove, but if he is going to go on Fox and talk about who he thinks is going to win the election, he had better have a convincing case when it comes to how Romney or Obama are going to get to 270 electorial votes.

  4. Lest we forget... said at 11:07 pm on October 17th, 2012:

    one word: BENGHAZI

  5. TR said at 11:10 pm on October 17th, 2012:

    LOL Art.
    Miss Rick. very funny

  6. What Bobbie Fails To Address said at 7:56 am on October 18th, 2012:

    Is that MOST polls show the momentum going to Romney, at just the right time. to be at or over 50% is significant; especially since I don’t believe The Obummer hasn’t been there, unless it is a rigged poll, skewed heavily towards Democrats.

    Momentum will move undecideds to Romney, just like his debate performance moved undecideds DRASTICALLY to his side in the Luntz focus group. They sure did not seem wishy washy about their intent to vote Romney after voting Obummer in 2008

    What I find abhorrent though is this silly attack on Romney re: “binders full of women” when the economy is collapsing, fuel is at or above $4.00 and The Dear Leader is lying about Benghazi and almost everything else.

    But then, they have to lie and attack Romney because they have nothing else.



  7. Bob English said at 8:34 am on October 18th, 2012:

    I see you still don’t have a problem with Romney not providing details on his tax plan which nonpartisan reviews say the numbers dont add up. Romney would do himself a world of good to answer questions being posed to him (even Fox News is tired of his bull shit) and Ryan on this. And please dont post a link to Romneys 6 “studies” most of which are a joke.

    As for “how bad” things are, I assume you are not referring to 30 straight months of jobs growth versus the 800,000 jobs loss per month he inherrited.

  8. Jobs Growth That Isn't Even Keeping Up said at 2:55 pm on October 18th, 2012:

    With Population Growth. STILL Less Jobs Than When Obummer Took Office.

    5.6% Unemployment in 4 years. Where’s that”? Cut the deficit in half? How’s that going Obummbler.

    $6 TRILLION in new debt, lies, Fast & Furious, Libya, Holder & soooooooooo much more.

    Oh yeah, GDP Growth LESS This Year Than Last & LESS LAST YEAR Than The Year Before.

    “If I Don’t Get This Done, This Is Going To Be A One Term Proposition.”

    Let’s Honor Obummer’s Words.

    He didn’t get the job done, time for someone else to try. Only, Lil Bobbie can’t see that. Bobbie would rather 4 more years of the same.