Monmouth GOP to run 3 women against Gopal, Downey and Houghtaling

Lisa Annetta, center, Marilyn Piperno, left and Kim Eulner

The Monmouth County Republican Committee will run a slate of three women against Senator Vin Gopal and Assembly members Joann Downey and Eric Houghtaling in the 11th Legislative District, Chairman Shaun Golden announced this morning.

Lisa Annetta of Freehold Borough will seek to unseat freshman Senator Vin Gopal. Marilyn Piperno of Colts Neck and Kim Eulner of Shrewsbury will seek to deny Downey and Houghtaling fourth terms in the Assembly.

The 11th is the only district in Monmouth County with more registered Democrats than Republicans.

“It’s time to get back to the days when LD11 was represented by three strong Republican women.” said GOP Chairman Shaun Golden. “Our current legislators have failed us – where have they been for the past year while the Governor has acted under unjustified emergency powers like a dictator, destroying our small businesses, Jersey shore restaurants, and allowed for the deaths of our heroic veterans in long term care facilities?  They’ve just been silent.  These strong and accomplished women, Lori Anetta, Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner will work to restore the balance of power in our state and they will not be silent.”

Annetta, a resident of Freehold Borough for 25 years, is a Vice President of Client Services in the financial industry and has been a financial services professional for more than three decades, specializing in management and operations, including training and education.

Lori led her firm’s client service resiliency team overseeing the COVID-19 safe and effective continuation of services for the company’s entire U.S. operation. She has three daughters and was active in the youth Pop Warner organization as coordinator of the cheerleading program and as head coach of the senior competition team.  Annetta has also been dedicated to charitable causes, including overseeing a team that supports local schools and children with new backpacks and school supplies each school year.  She previously served on the Freehold Historical Preservation Committee.

“We have seen one bad decision after another from our current Governor and his team that have devastated our local businesses, resulted in the deaths of thousands of senior citizens in Long Term Care facilities, disrupted our children and grandchildren’s lives, and created chaos in our communities, said Annetta.  “We need new leaders in our district to take a fresh look at these issues. The current legislators in our district have failed to provide proper oversight of the Murphy administration.” 

Piperno, a Colts Neck resident for over 20 years, is currently a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine nutrition coach and fitness professional after leaving her successful career in publishing to raise her three children.  She has dedicated countless hours to community service projects in LD 11, including the creation of St. Mary’s Parish ‘Make a Tray’ food drive that provides packaged and prepared foods to Lunch Break in Red Bank, the Center in Asbury, and Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch.  She has played an active role in the Colts Neck Parent Teacher Organization, St. Mary’s Parish and Religious Education Programming, and has coached youth sports.  Marilyn is a graduate of Pace University, and is married to her husband, Paul.

“From the beginning of this health crisis, we have seen a complete lack of leadership in the Murphy administration,” said Piperno, “from the failures in the state unemployment system forcing people to wait months and months for checks that would help feed their children, to the lack of clear guidelines for getting our children back in school and allowing them to conduct their sports seasons. Our children are suffering. We need to stand up to this Governor, but instead, the LD 11 legislators have been in lockstep with him.”

Kim Eulner is a lifetime resident of Shrewsbury, is currently serving her second term as Shrewsbury Borough Councilwoman.  She previously served as Council President in 2020 and is currently the Chair for the Open Space Committee and is the council appointee to the Shade Tree, Community Garden and Environmental Committees. Kim has spearheaded the Council’s efforts to improve Borough Parks and under her leadership the Council succeeded in reducing the Borough’s tax rate for the second consecutive year while maintaining the services that Borough residents enjoy.  Kim is a client success manager at a locally based Data Company and is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.  Kim previously worked on Wall Street focusing on commission management. Kim is a mother of 2 and is a graduate of Washington College, MD with a BA in Sociology.

“New Jersey has the highest death count of all of the 50 states.  Our families deserve answers and justice for the poor policy decisions of the Murphy administration,” said Eulner. “This Governor is still operating under Emergency Powers that should have expired long, long ago. Our jobs and businesses have been destroyed, while our taxes continue to skyrocket.  Gopal, Houghtaling and Downey have let it all happen with no oversight or accountability. It’s time to hold them all accountable for their failures.”

Annetta, Piperno and Eulner are unopposed for the endorsement of the Monmouth Republican County Committee which holds its virtual convention on Thursday, March 18

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7 Comments on “Monmouth GOP to run 3 women against Gopal, Downey and Houghtaling”

  1. God bless. said at 11:58 am on March 15th, 2021:

    Hope State Committee will help $$.. Very tough district, now..

  2. Sal Paradise said at 12:29 pm on March 16th, 2021:

    Vin Gopal has done so much for this area. He hasn’t been silent at all. This press release is nothing more than the usual GOP blame game. Working with small business leaders to help them get PPP, working on actual solutions. I really hope to god these three don’t win. When GOP is in power…what happens? Nothing. Deficits grow, working class people get ripped off and middle-class New Jerseyans lose job security.

  3. Clara Barton said at 12:55 pm on March 16th, 2021:

    So during COVID times you announce your candidacy shoulder-to-shoulder without masks? If you’re vaccinated, do you think we’re in such bad shape. Typic GOP/Trump-loving nitwits. #vingopalforever

  4. Jose Freiwald said at 5:24 pm on March 16th, 2021:

    i’m confused is it Lori or Lisa?

  5. Maybe they said at 7:42 pm on March 16th, 2021:

    have been vaccinated! That’s the first hit?? As new candidates, for heaven’s sake, people need to see who they are/ what they look like. Can’t wait til we can stop hiding behind masking as more virtue- signaling.. Geesh!

  6. Jose Freiwald said at 10:24 pm on March 18th, 2021:

    You have to be 2 weeks past ur 2nd shot to be good. Not quite understanding what you’re saying with virtue signaling. Clarify please!

  7. It has become said at 11:10 am on March 19th, 2021:

    an over -the- top, moral shaming- battle over the mask- wearing. .Did you see Sen/ Dr Rand Paul sparring with Fauci yesterday? He said it’s ridiculous to tell people that even after vaccination to wear two masks. And, that it only makes some people less likely to take the shot.. Again, if those ladies decided to stand together for one intro picture, it’s their right.. Also, we don’t know if/ when they got a shot. I don’t really care, I want to see who I am being asked to support. ( it also could have been photoshopped, who knows??)
    We saw them individually on the Zoom convention, last night- if they are taking on a very tough district, (which they are,) they need all the exposure and practice they can get!