Gopal Beats Beck in LD11

With 93% of the precints reporting, Vin Gopal is leading Senator Jennifer Beck by over 3300 votes.. 53% to 47% .

Senator-elect Gopal will join Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling and Assemblywoman Joann Downey in Trenton.  Houghtaling and Downey have comfortable leads over Rob Acerra and Michael Whelan

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6 Comments on “Gopal Beats Beck in LD11”

  1. Christopher Hammer said at 9:47 pm on November 7th, 2017:

    Wrong district it is NOT LD13

  2. Wrong for LD11 said at 2:06 am on November 8th, 2017:

    @Chris Hammer,

    Nice catch. Does this mean we can have a “Do-Over”?

  3. LD11 said at 10:42 am on November 8th, 2017:

    is now gone, forever. There was no way to survive that relentless, expensive tv onslaught. And, the next legislative re-districting will favor the Dems, even more. We now have only 14 out of 40 senators. Whatever the left- wing lunatics want, will sail through. God help us, when they next pour that money into this county.

  4. Eric said at 5:13 pm on November 8th, 2017:

    Sad to see these results. This election was probably doomed from the start. Jen is a polarizing Senator. I like her, but I know GOP people who refused to vote for the ticket b/c of her. Oh well….

    I will say, I left impressed with Mike Whelan. I sort of mocked his inclusion on the ticket early on, but after seeing him at county events, I was really impressed. Very well spoken, beyond his years. Pretty sure he raised a lot of money. Hopefully this loss doesnt sawy him away from local politics. The GOP needs more young blood like him

  5. Lawrence said at 12:52 am on November 9th, 2017:

    Where to even begin here? Shocked? Sad? Disappointed?

    The GOP went all in on stupid issues like sanctuary cities to motivate the base… and it backfired. They didn’t turn out and independents were turned away. Great work.

    My mailbox was flooded with idiotic mail pieces, day in, day out. Even my step son who is a primary voting Dem was getting these mailers. No clue why… it’s not 2000 any more. Direct mail on the level they used it is a waste of money. It would have been better served elsewhere.

    As to why the campaign wasn’t focused on the Gopal “tax plan” video is beyond me. The guy is legit clueless, and that video went silent on social media for a long time now. Even the Houghtaling sanctuary city video; ignore the sanctuary city comment. It shows complete ineptitude as a leader. All the idiotic sanctuary stuff was the wrong focus.

    There was zero focus on the assembly race. Never got a mailer or call without Jen all over it. It seemed like there was no effort put forward to attack Eric & Joanne.

    Kudos to Mr Whelan for being super aggressive online. I couldn’t watch a video, look on Facebook or instagram or go anywhere online without seeing his videos or ads. Honestly, never seen anything like it. A+ to him.

    Sad to see someone energetic and young lose. He has a bright future. Maybe in the county or senate in a few years.

    Rob is a great guy as well. Didn’t get to interact with him a ton. I felt bad, as they just beat him over the head day in and day out, and the campaign just sat there and took it. What gives?

    You could play armchair qb all day. Hopefully the powers that be learned some good lessons from this race. That was a lot more then I wanted to write. Wow

  6. I’d really like to said at 10:41 am on November 9th, 2017:

    see the consultants have to go to a class on how NOT to run a campaign. This negative, “gotcha- type” of beating the opponent on the head, barely mentioning the people who pay them: it costs thousands of dollars,every time, and remember, they get paid- win or lose! ..Does anybody get the idea that, these consultants go from race-to-race, state-to-state, using the same old, tired campaign plans, and just slap the different names and election dates on the poorly-written fliers, which barely catch the eyes as they are thrown on the recycling pile???
    Candidates and campaign managers need to get a clue, and re- think what they need to say, and what they need to do, to get their word out, better..We were taught to never give your opponent name ID by paying to print their name, instead of yours, for example..I also still believe the more local you go, the better: local radio, (especially commuter radio,) tv ads with the candidate’s own words and face: quickly stating their message, and ASKING for the votes. ( most people want to feel they know for whom they are voting.) Local weekly newspaper ads,that families read, for local sports info.. Door-to-door contact and GOTV, in targeted districts/ streets..Unity of the whole party ticket, where you can.. Lawn signs, and even billboards where effective, as people drive by..As many local helpers/ volunteers as you can assemble- personally investing in the effort/ having some fun while working together, creates loyalty. – but, will anyone listen? This is several thousands of dollars worth of advice, which has often worked well, but, sadly, many candidates only listen to the dolts they pay big money to, that they had to kill themselves raising!$$$ Crazy!