No votes changed in first day of Howell recount

Howell Deputy Mayor Evelyn Malsbury O’Donnell is maintaining her lead in the the election recount

The recount of the election for a seat on the Howell Township Council started on Monday at the Monmouth County Board of Elections office in Freehold. So far the results are unchanged.

Howell Democrats petitioned for the recount of the race that has their candidate, Andre de Garmeaux, trailing Republican Deputy Mayor Evelyn Malsbury O’Donnell  by 320 of 30, 516 votes cast. After the first day of counting an estimated 8,000-10,000, the results are unchanged.

Officials of both parties have urged the Howell Democrats to drop the the costly and time consuming effort that only they seem to believe can change the result. In order to prevail the vast majority of the 317 votes that were rejected would have to be counted AND to have been cast of de Garmeaux. Even in that unlikely scenario, the Dems would have to find 4 miscounted votes.

Howell Democrats are paying $860 to cover the cost of the recount which actually costs several thousand dollars. The Board of Elections has had to hire temporary employees to assist in the effort.

The Board of Elections expects to complete the Howell busywork late Wednesday afternoon before moving on to recounts of closer municipal elections in Eatontown and Neptune City.

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One Comment on “No votes changed in first day of Howell recount”

  1. William Hills said at 8:09 pm on December 8th, 2020:

    The Dems are a disgrace. They have no statistical way to win and they know it but they go ahead anyway. They are paying $800 for the recount but the real cost will be tens of thousands. They should have to pay to pay the full cost for this disaster. Maybe “Vin” can pay for this too since he helped funds their campaign.