Thousands Gather On Barnegat Bay To Support Law Enforcement, Vets and Trump

Photo via Ocean County Scanner News

Thousands gathered in support of Law Enforcement Officers, U.S. Military Veterans and President Donald J. Trump on Saturday in a boat parade on Barnegat Bay. The flotilla is estimated to have drawn 2,000-2,500 boats carrying 2-10 people each and thousands of spectators along the shoreline and on bridges that span the bay.

The organizers of the event, Chris and Mary Kate Molla of Manhawken, Stafford Township Councilman George Williams and the members of the Jersey Shore Boaters, LEO Support and Vets for Trump facebook group were aiming to set a world record for boat parades.

“Now…this boat parade, will serve as a notice, to all in attendance, and to all of our men and women in blue, who have been persecuted unjustifiably, that we will stand by you, support you, and we will have your backs,” William said in an opening ceremony, according to Ocean County Scanner News.

“Finally…this boat parade, will serve as a notice, to all in attendance, and to all of our men and women who served in the United States Military…our veterans…this parade is also for you, and we will fully support our veterans, because without them, we would not have the greatest country on the face of the earth. Please understand this…we will have your six.”

American flags and Trump/Pence flags were prominently displayed on the water, along the shore and from the bridges.

Congressman Chris Smith joined the festivities on a boat captained by Ocean County Republican Chairman Frank Holman III.

Rep Smith joined the Law Enforcement Officers and Veterans Supporters of Trump Boat Parade in Barnegat Bay in Ocean…

Posted by Christopher Smith on Saturday, September 5, 2020

David Richter, the GOP nominee for Congress in CD-3, was a passenger on Molla’s flotilla leading boat.

David Richter

Posted by Bonnie Barr Gabizon on Saturday, September 5, 2020
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5 Comments on “Thousands Gather On Barnegat Bay To Support Law Enforcement, Vets and Trump”

  1. Bob English said at 8:54 am on September 6th, 2020:

    If boats could vote, Trump would win in a landslide otherwise he is going to lose NJ by roughly 20 percent. I hope Trump supporters had some time while they where on the water yesterday to consider Trumps remarks regarding veterans and our country’s fallen (confirmed by Fox News and other outlets). That is who Trump is and reflects on you if you continue to support him.

  2. Your bitterness said at 11:29 am on September 6th, 2020:

    is wearing. Sorry Biden couldn’t command 1 kayak, and he’d either forget to tell them where to put it, or to show up. Could be the first election where dead people, illegals and multiple ballots, rather than live, legal citizens won. Congratulations, sorry, patheitc thieves.

  3. Manahawkin Mike said at 11:43 am on September 6th, 2020:

    What an excellent use of fossil fuel on a Saturday afternoon.

  4. @ Bob English said at 8:53 am on September 8th, 2020:

    Here’s some news for you since your delusional hate for Trump is clouding your weak mind, one which believes anonymous sources



    And then there’s this I saw


    Remember also, Bill Clinton actually saying he loathed the military vs. those 4 anonymous sources

    Yes, Trump will lose NJ because there are more blind Democrats than Republicans (way more) , but I somehow think it will be less than 20%, maybe a lot less.

  5. Why said at 9:22 am on September 9th, 2020:

    are you linking fake news sites? Devilishly Duboius Deep State card carrier that you are!