Richter’s savage ad against Gibbs is a potential preview of Kim’s October ads

By Art Gallagher

The pre-primary for the GOP nomination CD-3 has gotten ugly. Rightfully so.

David Richter, the former international construction executive who is vying for the 3rd district GOP nomination to take on Congressman Andy Kim, released an ad on facebook and youtube this afternoon that highlights his opponents’s arrest record and compares her, Kate Gibbs, to Snooki.  The ad is hard hitting.  Just like Andy Kim’s ads will be in October if Gibbs wins the primary on June 2.

The Asbury Park Press broke the news of Gibbs’ arrests for shop lifting, marijuana possession and drinking on the beach (in Sea Bright) last Friday, the day before the Ocean County GOP screening committee’s scheduled meeting to decide which candidates they would recommend for their County Committee’s endorsement.  Gibbs, 33, was also sued multiple times for non-payment of rent while she was in college in Washington, DC, the app reported.

The Ocean GOP screening committee voted unanimously to stick with Gibbs, according to NewJerseyGlobe. Freeholders Ginny Haines and Gary Quinn followed with endorsements yesterday.

But the app editorial board questioned weather Gibbs’ arrests and lawsuits are a matter of youthful indiscretions or a flawed character.  Kim’s behavior in his 20’s has been compared to Gibbs’ transgressions in two letters to the editor from supporters of the freshman congressman.

Richter’s ad is a preview of what Ocean County general election voters will see on their TVs in October in the event Gibbs wins the primary on June 2.

On January 31 I wrote that Gibbs could defeat Richter in the primary and that he and the Party would be better served by his running against Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman in CD-12. That was before I knew of Gibbs’s troublesome past.

If Gibbs had revealed her troubles herself she might have been able to turn them into a positive character building story.  But that they were publicly revealed by the press—probably as a leak from the Richter camp–makes her look like she was hoping no one would find out about them.

The APP coverage and the ad reveal the superiority of the political team that Richter as assembled and the gross malpractice of Gibbs’ team.

If Gibb’s team did not know about her legal troubles, they should have.  If they knew about them, they have handled them terribly.

That Gibbs was elected a freeholder in Burlington County with her record is amazing.  Her arrest in Sea Bright was in 2014.  She was elected in Burlington in 2015.  Shame on the Burlington GOP and the Burlington Dems for not vetting her thoroughly.  She would not have been nominated for freeholder or congress by the Monmouth GOP.

Ocean GOP convention voters–and primary voters–need to pick the best candidate to defeat Andy Kim in November.  After stumbling out of the block after having the rug pulled out from under him by the unexpected Trump/Van Drew alliance, Richter has been running a superior campaign.

Gibbs deserves a second chance. But a congressional nomination for a winnable seat is more than a second chance.  The majority of the House of Representatives is at stake.



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2 Comments on “Richter’s savage ad against Gibbs is a potential preview of Kim’s October ads”

  1. Agreed said at 11:02 am on February 22nd, 2020:

    Bad move by the Ocean County GOP

  2. Karl Hungus 53 said at 9:09 am on February 26th, 2020:

    If she is 33 and was arrested as recently as 2014, that would have made her 27. I can see forgiving the partying arrests for early 20’s, but if you are still doing this stuff, and getting caught, then that is fair game. Combine that with the theft charges, which are not acceptable at any age, then she should be disqualified as candidate.

    This race is too important. We can’t concede any house seats. I know that every election is “the most important election of our lifetime,” but that is for real this time. We cannot continue to lose our country, and our state for that matter, to the marxist leftists that call themselves democrats. Richter is right, Kim and Pelosi will not be as understanding.