Text messaging was Sue Fulton’s safety plan for reopening MVC

By Art Gallagher

Shaun Golden, Jack Ciattarelli, Jon Bramnik and Doug Steinhardt have all been too hard on MVC Commissioner Sue Fulton for her lack of planning to safely reopen New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission facilities.

The Republicans, each a potential gubernatorial candidate against Prince Philip Dunton Murphy next year, have been relentless this week in their criticism of MVC’s reopening to long lines in the heat and humidity, lack of social distancing, fights, and drivers camping overnight to get their cars registered and licenses renewed or issued.

Golden, the Sheriff of Monmouth County, went beyond criticism and deployed his men and women to keep his County residents safe while they waited in Eatontown, Freehold and Hazlet.

But these mean Republicans aren’t being fair! Fulton had a high tech plan all along. The health and safety of her customers and her employees is her top priority and she even delayed opening for a week to implement her plan.

Fulton even had a plan for undocumented residents to get their licenses and registrations renewed.

I paid my cell phone bill via text message yesterday. What’s wrong with all these people waiting on line in the heat?

P.S. Please don’t tell Fulton about this post until after I get my license renewed.

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One Comment on “Text messaging was Sue Fulton’s safety plan for reopening MVC”

  1. Careful, said at 7:20 pm on July 11th, 2020:

    she might run for county office, again. As crazy as this year is, who knows who’ll win this year, or, next?..