Murphy says he’ll ‘‘pull back” N.J. beaches if coronavirus cases start to spike. ‘We’ll have no choice.’

Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday night he’s taking a “big step” by allowing New Jersey beaches to be open this summer, with restrictions, as signs continue to show the coronavirus pandemic is slowing in the state.

But, Murphy stressed during an interview with CNN’s Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, he’d be forced to “pull back” if cases spike again after people begin to gather en masse at the Jersey Shore.

“We’ll have no choice,” he said.

And that, Murphy said, goes for any of the “baby steps” the state is taking as he begins to slowly and gradually life the restrictions he’s put in place over the last two months to the …

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2 Comments on “Murphy says he’ll ‘‘pull back” N.J. beaches if coronavirus cases start to spike. ‘We’ll have no choice.’”

  1. Murphy Needs said at 7:51 am on May 15th, 2020:

    To study up on how sunlight and fresh air kills the virus. Also, how many of the spring breakers down in Florida took ill with the China Virus? None I hear

  2. Will be interesting said at 6:56 pm on May 15th, 2020:

    to see all the differences, in how Shore towns handle this season: Spring Lake claims they are “ sold out” of badges, and unless a resident, you cannot park “ on any street at any time..” Bradley Beach’s borough hall sign states they are also “sold out,’ but you can park there, and walk beach and boards.. Avon yesterday and today had one to two-hour lines for season badges, and you could park parallel on their side streets, to get to the tag booths.. several towns are considering limiting the number of daily passes sold.. ( for distancing” purposes..and, can you picture a bunch of our beloved “ Bennies,” from No. Jersey and NY, on a 90- degree day, “distancing” 6 ft on-line, waiting for their hot dogs and cold drinks?? Oh, boy, this will be one summer for the record books!!