Gov. Murphy defended N.J.’s coronavirus lockdown on Fox News. Here’s how it went.

In a rare, often combative interview Wednesday night with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Gov. Phil Murphy defended his decision to put New Jersey in a near-lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic, saying more than 3 million residents — a third of the state’s population — would have been infected if he didn’t.

And in a notable exchange, Carlson pressed Murphy, a progressive Democrat, on why the state is temporarily banning religious gatherings like funerals while liquor stores are allowed to stay open. The host argued that violates Americans’ right to “practice religion as they see fit” under the…

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7 Comments on “Gov. Murphy defended N.J.’s coronavirus lockdown on Fox News. Here’s how it went.”

  1. The Bill Of Rights Is said at 8:04 am on April 16th, 2020:

    Above His Pay Grade”

    REALLY? Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid Of People Like Murphy.

    Here’s also, who you ought to be afraid of…

    Media people like this promoting a Joe Biden Shadow Government…

    The following is sedition


    Remember folks, once government starts taking your rights away, they are hard to get back, much like the Parkway toll that was supposed to go away; the loss of rights only gets more expensive

    Protests like the following in Michigan are only going to spread if this lock down continues much longer. People yearn to be free. I’m already hearing of fights in supermarkets. Things beyond toilet paper and water are already starting to disappear from shelves.

    What’s next, starving people?


  2. Furthermore said at 8:44 am on April 16th, 2020:

    Regarding our rights



  3. Bob English said at 9:27 am on April 16th, 2020:

    351 NJ residents died on Tuesday of Covid 19. Murphy is trying to protect the lives of NJ residents especially doctors and nurses who are endangered when they have to take care of idiots who do not practice social distancing.

  4. It was telling said at 9:29 am on April 16th, 2020:

    and quite powerful: another good example of the differences in governing philosophy between libs and conservatives. Hope many saw it. Tucker is far and away the most fair, targeted, and insightful of the talking heads on tv: brings in all sides, asks the tough questions. Excellent way to hear about and learn many topics: can’t wait to see if NJ has learned that voting against the guy that’s leaving wasn’t a bright move, at all.

  5. @Bob English said at 3:50 pm on April 16th, 2020:

    So the question to you is the same as Tucker basically asked Murphy

    What gives you; him or anyone for that matter the right to suspend the Bill Of Rights.

    WE the people certainly did not.

    You suspend one right and it becomes easier to suspend more and more rights

  6. Side Bar said at 6:41 pm on April 16th, 2020:

    Barr’s Statement on religious freedom


    All freedoms granted under the Bill Of Rights, MUST be honored.

  7. @@Bob said at 9:19 am on April 17th, 2020:

    Exactly what I’ve been telling people for weeks! I’d much rather a state full of corpses where those of us remaining are FREE then have healthy people living in tyrannical hell.