Keady having conversations about running for Congress as an Independent

Jim Keady, photo via facebook

Jim Keady sat down and shut up for three months after dropping out of the race for the Democrat nomination for the House seat in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District. Now he says he’s having conversations about entering the race as a third party candidate.

Keady wrote on facebook on Thursday that at both political parties have sold out to giant corporations and the rich. He called for the election to Congress of third party candidates funded by middle class voters.

Reached on the phone by MMM, Keady wouldn’t say he’s running. He wouldn’t say he’s not running. “I’m having conversations,” he said.

The former Asbury Park councilman who lost the CD-4 Democrat primary in 2018 and the CD-3 primary in 2016 said he had not been paying attention to the Democrat race for the CD-4 nomination since he dropped out in January. He had nice things to say about Christine Marie Conforti and said that Stephanie Schmid, the candidate with establishment support in Monmouth and Ocean Counties is a product of the big money interests he’s been fighting against.

If Keady files a nominating petition with the NJ Secretary of State with 100 valid signatures by July 7, he will be on the ballot in November against Congressman Chris Smith and the Democrat who wins the primary on that date, either Schmid, Conforti or David Applefield,

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