Keady’s CD-4 candidacy is “day to day” following establishment ambush

Jim Keady told MMM that his candidacy for the Democrat nomination for congress in the 4th district of New Jersey is day to day following what he dubbed as a “well coordinated political ambush” by one of his opponents, Stephanie Schmid, Monmouth County’s Democrat leadership and two of his former female political allies with whom he has had varying degrees of personal relations.

The ambush was launched in Belmar on Monday evening during a candidates debate hosted by the Wall Township Democrats. (Video compilation above). Eric Brophy, Deputy Vice Chair of Monmouth Dems, Chairman of the Wall Dems and a moderator of the debate, launched the attack by “going off script” to ask the candidates an prepared two part question about what they would do to protect women working on their campaign and what congressional action they would take to protect women in the unlikely event any of them replaces Congressman Chris Smith in Washington.

Shortly into Keady’s answer to Brophy’s set up, Schmid stood and turned her back on Keady. Several audience members, including Red Bank Councilwoman Kate Triggiano and Brick Democrat activist Robyn Gedrich joined with Schmid in turning their backs on Keady.  Triggiano and Gedrich took turns shouting “fraud,” “drop out,” “you’re not a congressional candidate,” and “you’re not a person,” at Keady while he attempted to answer the question.

The #MeToo protest against Keady was over a “violent email” he sent to several Democrat women last month as a defense of a two and a half year long “whisper campaign” against him spreading lies about his sex life, he said.  In the email (posted below), Keady confronts several women, including Triggiano and Gedrich, over lies he said they’ve spread about him for over two years and he includes copies of text messages he says proves that the women are lying.  In the email he describes a sexual dalliance with Triggiano.



Within an hour of the end of the debate, Schmid sent an statement to InsiderNJ:

“I am proud to have stood in solidarity with women at the Wall Township Democratic debate tonight,” said Schmid. “As women, we will not be silenced and we will be heard. I believe that the behavior of my primary opponent, Jim Keady, is disqualifying and I call on him to drop out of this race. As of this moment, I refuse to appear on another debate or forum stage where he is given an opportunity to defend what is indefensible. Thank you to the courageous women who stood up tonight.”

The following day, Monmouth Democrat leaders including Senator Vin Gopal and the moderators of the debate, Brophy and Allison Connolly, another Deputy Vice Chair of the Monmouth Dems, posted a letter on InsiderNJ demanding that Keady drop out of the race because of his verbal attacks against women and attempting to shame them into silence.

Keady did not attend candidates forums in Little Silver on Tuesday or in Fair Haven on Wednesday. He told MMM he’s taking his candidacy day to day and is cautious of appearing at events that are not conducted by honest brokers.

“Keady is a bad guy,” a Democrat leader who doesn’t want to be known for talking to MMM said. “His email was disgusting. He’s holier than thou and he has no friends.  What does he expect?”

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6 Comments on “Keady’s CD-4 candidacy is “day to day” following establishment ambush”

  1. Still hating on Flippy said at 4:25 pm on January 16th, 2020:

    Keady is an asshole too, but no surprise that Brophy, the wanna be politician/lawyer that tried to run for sheriff on a bullshit platform accusing correction officers of murderimg an inmate, when in fact (proven) the guy died from his own actions. How’d that work out for you, asshole?

  2. He's Dunzo said at 4:39 pm on January 16th, 2020:

    Very obviously a setup political assassination. But good God, did Keady fall for it.

  3. Karma Is A Bitch said at 9:52 pm on January 16th, 2020:

    And he deserves it especially considering the (hateful) #metoo crowd he associated with at Coalition For Change .

    I’m guessing his former campaign manager, JF will also distance herself from him, that is unless she’s a hypocrite.

    And if even half of this is true, Keady does not sound like a guy full of peace.

  4. No surprises here said at 1:36 pm on January 17th, 2020:

    Many Have been saying for years how sleazy Keady is. Needy Keady is how he was and is known to be. What baffles me is, why did it take the Democrats so long to recognize it?

  5. Nike Child Labor Defense Attorney said at 9:39 am on January 18th, 2020:

    Never associate with Demoncrats. Its great watching these fascists eat themselves. Violent bunch. Stay woke. LOL

  6. He a Ho said at 2:54 pm on January 18th, 2020:

    Fascist Demoncrats just demoncratting.