Golden: Our veterans deserve better

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden is upset about the care that military veterans are getting and and the attention that the media is giving to the plight of inmates in State and County prisons compared to the sparse coverage the media is giving convalescing vets in state run homes.

“This is shameful,” Golden said of reports that the high rate of mortality at New Jersey’s veterans homes since the COVID-19 pandemic broke. “We hear more about our inmates than our veterans. Everyday I receive calls from reporters on the status of inmates and there is blanket coverage on those in the jail, yet there’s sparse coverage on our veterans.”

“Our treatment of veterans is disgraceful considering we have military assisted assets in place that could take better care or them –the pop up field hospitals and the Comfort ship in NY Harbor. “

Golden said he would volunteer the medical ambulances and buses in his command to help move veterans from the homes that are not equipped to care for them to more suitable facilities.

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