Keady’s CD-4 candidacy is “day to day” following establishment ambush

Jim Keady told MMM that his candidacy for the Democrat nomination for congress in the 4th district of New Jersey is day to day following what he dubbed as a “well coordinated political ambush” by one of his opponents, Stephanie Schmid, Monmouth County’s Democrat leadership and two of his former female political allies with whom he has had varying degrees of personal relations.

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Welle’s Bogus Town Hall Meeting in Jackson-Videos

Josh Welle refers to a flash card while answering a question about solar energy

By Art Gallagher

Josh Welle, the Democrat running against Congressman Chris Smith in the 4th congressional district, held a campaign event, dubbed a town hall meeting, in Jackson on Thursday night that appeared to be designed to capture footage for television commercials, rather than to hear from the people of Jackson, as advertised.

Rather than the free wheeling give and take of town hall meetings New Jersey residents are accustomed to, like those of former Governor Chris Christie, and the ObamaCare town halls held by Congressman Frank Pallone and Rush Holt in 2010, Welle’s event featured pre-screened questions read by a moderator.  The person who submitted the question was instructed to stand (for the video cameras) while Welle delivered prepared answers.

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