Which Carol Rizzo Should Neptune Township Residents Believe?

It’s An Issue Of Credibility…

Kathy Hogan and Gary Moll, Candidates for Neptune Township Committee

By Kendra Hogan and Gary Moll, Candidates for Neptune Township Committee

Since the first Candidates Forum in Neptune Township on September 23rd, one particular issue has been brought to the attention of all of the candidates for Township Committee several times; that of the possible health risks of Verizon’s 5G wireless transmitters. Kendra Hogan & Gary Moll, the Republican candidates, have favored a “go slow” approach citing a number of studies. However, this issue is one where one of their opponents, Carol Rizzo’s credibility comes into question.

At that forum, as well as at others; Rizzo took hard positions; saying that “there is nothing that could be done to stop Verizon, that Neptune must issue the permits.” even to the point of getting angry with a concerned citizen at the Ocean Grove Forum.” In public and on Social Media, Rizzo derides and attacks anyone who raises concerns, claiming they are fear mongering. One comment in particular about the residents of Neptune Township, revealed via an Open Public Records Request (OPRA) shows very poor taste. Quoting Mayor Rizzo, “We haven’t even had an overture from Verizon and the wolves are already baying at my door.” Hogan & Moll believe residents deserve better respect than being likened to howling animals, especially regarding safety issues. Hogan and Moll commented “Mayor Rizzo, residents are not wolves, they are people with serious concerns.”

In talking with those residents as well as experts in the field, Hogan and Moll have learned that FCC rules do NOT mandate municipalities issue such permits; despite Rizzo’s protestations. In fact, Little Silver, Morris Township, and Lavallette have all passed restrictive ordinances as according to 47 USC 253(c) “Nothing in this section affects the authority of a state or local government to manage the public rights of way”  According to 47 U.S.C 332, “local authorities have full jurisdiction over placement and construction of telecommunications infrastructure” and Rizzo is clearly wrong on this point.

Of great concern regarding Rizzo’s credibility, on September 15th she tells Neptune Business Administrator Vito Gadaleta and Neptune Attorney Gene Anthony to deny the permits. Then on September 17th, she tells a constituent that they have been approved. Residents deserve to know what prompted the sudden change. Why the rush?   Disturbingly, there was also an email exchange with Candidate Robert Lane about the need to “go off- line.” Why the secrecy?

Secondly, Mayor Rizzo lacks credibility with regard to the health risks posed by 5G. At the Ocean Grove forum, Rizzo maintained that there are no studies saying 5g is safe and there are no studies saying it isn’t safe. Several peer reviewed studies do however point to health risks. Studies such as High exposure to RF-Radiation Linked to Tumor Activity in Male Rats, Long Term Exposure to Microwave Radiation Promotes Cancer Growth, and Why Children Absorb more Microwave Radiation than Adults:  The Consequences

More revealing, via an OPRA request, Rizzo states that they (Verizon) need to prove SAFETY before responsibly moving forward (with permits) That directly contradicts her statements, both publicly and in writing that the town needs verified proof of HARM before they can act. Rizzo even states in a September 25th email, “Microwave transmissions are different and do cause DNA damage.”

So, which is it Mayor Rizzo? Prove Safety First, which is the responsible thing to do, or expose the public to potentially harmful microwave radiation and deal with the consequences later?

5 G service may or may not be ultimately proven safe. That is why Hogan and Moll are calling for a go-slow approach. Hogan and Moll closed with, “the issue here is the credibility of our opponents, especially that of Carol Rizzo.” She says one thing in public. However, via emails obtained through that very same OPRA request Rizzo shows a completely different position, not just once but several times.

That is what Neptune Residents should be concerned about. Residents should be able to trust our elected officials when they say something. Clearly, Candidate Rizzo shows that she has a lack of credibility on this issue, and who knows what other issues.

In Neptune Township voters should base their decisions on credibility and elect leaders that will take issues and challenges head on, rather than waffle and take two sides of the fence especially where public safety is concerned. Those leaders are Hogan & Moll. They won’t say one thing in public and then take different stances in private.


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14 Comments on “Which Carol Rizzo Should Neptune Township Residents Believe?”

  1. Ok, but, said at 4:29 pm on October 31st, 2019:

    what the heck is everyone’s stance on how they would address the rising crime rate/ shooting incidents? What about cutting spending / taxes? One would think priorities would include the current realities, as well as possible new problems..

  2. @ Ok said at 5:46 pm on October 31st, 2019:

    Living in Neptune, I’ve never seen Rizzo or her running mate talk about any of those things

    On the other hand, looking at Hogan and Molls Facebook page, I see a lot of information.


  3. One man said at 10:48 pm on October 31st, 2019:

    has ruled this town in every facet for a long time and he is solidly Republican.

  4. @ One man said at 9:16 pm on November 1st, 2019:

    I have seen all of the emails and I agree that the elected officials are not in charge. I really don’t care about which party anyone is in . What I do know is publicly, Rizzo has been insistent that unless we can prove harm, we cannot restrict 5G deployment. But privately she is insistent that products can not be brought to market unless proven safe, and even claims expertise on the subject. She writes to Vito and Gene Anthony on Sept 15 that she suggests they should tell Verizon that the permits were not forthcoming because the 5G antenna’s have not been proven safe . But on Sept 17 she says the permits are approved, and has been downright nasty to anyone who has raised the issue since . On the same day, when Lane asks Vito about the status of 5G permits, Vito asks to take the conversation offline. What happened between Sept 15 and Sept 17 that changed Rizzo’s mind?
    Why couldn’t Vito share what happened via email? She must be held accountable because elections are the only recourse that the people have.

  5. Check the said at 9:49 pm on November 2nd, 2019:

    ELEC reports for any contributions??

  6. @ One Man said at 9:02 am on November 3rd, 2019:

    Ahhhhhhh, there are no Republicans in elected office “ruling” Neptune. Not sure where you get your information from but you sure came across as silly with that comment

  7. Lol said at 10:31 pm on November 3rd, 2019:

    who said anything about “elected office”? Do tell, what town do you reside in?

  8. @lol said at 11:37 am on November 4th, 2019:

    “ruled” implies elected. You can’t “rule” unless you are elected. So that comment still ranks as silly.

  9. So said at 11:58 am on November 4th, 2019:

    For example, you’re telling me, if someone is say a town Administrator, Police Director, and head of OEM they do not hold any type of clout in said town?

  10. Yes, they do. said at 1:11 pm on November 4th, 2019:

    Most of them are appointed by a majority of the governing body, and reflect the views and policy goals of that body. Many times they act as the council’s buffer, and get to take some of the “hits” when things go awry. Which behooves the citizens to pay attention- to not only the words but the deeds, and how it truly affects the town/ county. The old phrase:” we get the kind of government we deserve,” is true: ignore the platitudes and unfulfilled promises, actions or non- action, either by the the elected folks, or their mouthpieces, at your own peril!

  11. @ So said at 6:19 pm on November 4th, 2019:

    That person may hold clout, but that person doesn’t rule because that person “serves at the pleasure” of the elected officials.

  12. @@ So said at 8:23 pm on November 4th, 2019:

    you’re splitting semantical hairs. If you think a person who holds all those positions simultaneously “serves at the pleasure” of the elected officials you’re either woefully naive or a friend/relative.

  13. @ @@So said at 7:41 am on November 5th, 2019:

    No, it’s not splitting hairs, it’s called reality. You are conflating that

    But you go ahead and assume things. What was it they said about the word assume?

    Have a wonderful life now, ok?

  14. Most administrators said at 8:34 am on November 5th, 2019:

    are appointed by resolution of the elected( exalted?) ones for a specific number of years, often three.. these may or may not cross with the elective terms of the majority. Let’s just say, they basically set the tone and priorities, and can do a lot of good, or not-good, during those years..