Gilmore: Irrational Jury Convicted Him

George Gilmore, the RINO Chairman of the Ocean County GOP (Resigned In Name Only) is asking U.S. District Court Senior Judge Anne Thompson to throw out his convictions for failing to turn over is employees payroll taxes to the IRS and for lying on a loan application “because no rational jury” could have convicted him based on the evidence, according to brief filed with the Court and a report at New Jersey Law Journal.

Ocean County Republicans will elect a new chairman tonight in Toms River.

Frank Holman, the retiring president of Holman, Frenia, Allison, PC, is supported for Chairman by Ocean County’s legislative delegation and freeholders.   Holman has promised to expand participation in the Party and to reverse the recent trend of Democrats making inroad in Ocean County municipalities, including Brick and Toms River.

Frank Sadeghi, principal owner of Morgan Engineering, is Gilmore’s loyal choice for Chairman.  Sadeghi, told a gathering of Republican men enjoying cigars and cocktails at Shogun Legacy on April 23 that he speaks to Gilmore 20 times per day and “George Gilmore wants me to do this,” according to two people who were in the room of municipal elected officials, mayors and councilmen, and municipal party leaders, as well as Joe Coronato, the former Ocean County Prosecutor who is running for Mayor of Toms River.



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2 Comments on “Gilmore: Irrational Jury Convicted Him”

  1. Karen said at 1:11 pm on May 15th, 2019:

    Crooked Ocean County at it again. And if this corrupt judge does that she’ll be just as corrupt as the garbage judge who let the dirty rabbi get 60 days for money laundering.
    Only unless you know somebody do you get away with criminal acts in Ocean County. Look at Bob Novy. Poor guy went to jail for three years because they wouldn’t give him his own money to go to trial. I guess he didn’t know the right people.
    Ocean county is about as dirty as they get

  2. Take a little trip said at 7:10 am on May 21st, 2019:

    up the parkway and hang out in a Passaic, Hudson, Union or Essex, for a while. You’ll think Ocean is heaven on earth after learning some of what goes on up there. Which is why we fight to save Monmouth from the onslaught,every year- it costs too much, and so, they move here!