RINO Alert: Gilmore Resigned In Name Only

RINO George Gilmore

George Gilmore, the Toms River attorney who was found guilty last month of twice failing to pay his employees’ payroll taxes to the IRS after withholding the money from their paychecks and also of lying on an application for a $1 million plus loan, is continuing to strong arm and threaten Ocean County Republicans, according to several GOP loyalist who witnessed Gilmore’s behavior at the Ocean County Federation of Republican Women’s Annual Gala last Thursday night.

Gilmore’s criminal defense attorney, Kevin Marino, said his client had no intention of resigning as Ocean Republican Chairman, when the federal jury returned their verdict in Trenton on April 17.  On April 24, Gilmore finally submitted his resignation.  He continues to control the Chairman’s PAC, and is raising money for the PAC through direct solicitations and through the Ocean GOP Gala which is being held on Thursday evening at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Lakewood.

At the OCFRW dinner Thursday night, Gilmore was overheard shouting, “the gloves are off,” at Frank Holman, a candidate for GOP Chairman in the March 15 special election,  while holding up his phone and pointing to MMM’s article, Gilmore Angling to Retain Power in Ocean County, which was published that afternoon.

Holman was quoted in the article calling for Gilmore to give up control of the Chairman’s PAC:

According to Frank Holman, also a candidate for Ocean GOP Chairman, Gilmore has retained control of the Chairman’s PAC and is refusing to turn it over to Acting Chair Barbara Lanuto . Holman said he has urged Gilmore to turn control of the PAC over to Lanuto. “I don’t have to and I am not going to,” Holman reported Gilmore saying, “I’ll use the money as I see fit.”

“The PAC should be turned over to Lantuo, the Acting Chair,” Holman said. “It’s not right, in my opinion, that Gilmore is raising that money in the name of the Ocean GOP Chair and retaining control of it.”

In addition to getting into Holman’s face, Gilmore was seen red faced and waving his phone showing the MMM logo at Freeholder Director Ginny Haines, before finally taking his seat besides former Ocean County Prosecutor Joe Coronato, his hand picked candidate for Toms River Mayor in the June 4th primary.

Over the weekend, Gilmore worked the phones to strong arm support for Coronato and Frank Sadeghi.  Sadeghi claims he is Gilmore’s choice to be the CINO, Chairman In Name Only.

Frank Sadeghi, a candidate for the Ocean GOP Chairmanship in the May 15 special election, told a gathering of Republican men enjoying cigars and cocktails at Shogun Legacy on April 23 that he speaks to Gilmore 20 times per day and “George Gilmore wants me to do this,” according to two people who were in the room of municipal elected officials, mayors and councilmen, and municipal party leaders, as well as Joe Coronato, the former Ocean County Prosecutor who is running for Mayor of Toms River.

Gilmore threatened to withhold funds from the Chairman’s PAC from municipal  candidates and county committee members who did not follow orders and support Sadeghi on May 15.

Gilmore has said he will spend the Chairman’s PAC funds as he sees fit including funding Coronato’s campaign for mayor.

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One Comment on “RINO Alert: Gilmore Resigned In Name Only”

  1. Oh, boy, said at 9:02 am on May 7th, 2019:

    just what we need: a Bergen in the making. Wasn’t the same circumstances, but the end result of party infighting almost always results in a weaker organization and losses: hard to recall now, when Bergen was a Republican county.. hoping someone can take George aside and get him past his ego, for the good of the order. We do not need Ocean falling, too!