Neptune City Democrats Blow Off Special Meeting, Clerk Quits, Bills and Payroll Remain Unpaid

Neptune City’s Democrat Council members did not show up at the Special Meeting last night which was scheduled to authorize the the payment of bills and payroll.  Without a quorum, Republican Mayor Bob Brown and Councilmen Andrew Wardell and Joseph Zajack were unable to take official action.

Borough Clerk Tammy Brown, the mayor’s wife, resigned after 16 years as a Borough employee, because she believes the actions the Democrat majority, led by Council President Pamela Renee, are demanding of her are unlawful.  In her resignation letter read by Councilman Wardell, Clerk Brown said that Renee was ordering her to violate the law, thereby putting her Clerk’s certification at risk.

Brown and Wardell answered questions from the overflow crowd for an hour.  Video provided by ASK NJ Media Co.

The controversy arose during the Borough’s Reorganization on New Year’s Day when the Democrats took power.  The did not appoint a Borough Attorney or Borough Administrator.  Without the benefit of professional advice, the newly empowered Democrats tabled a resolution to authorize the payment of bills including payroll.

Neptune City Resolution Doc Jan 1_2018 Email

In a post made on MMM’s facebook page on Monday, Renee said that the resolution was not necessary, that Clerk Brown had been ordered “by the governing body” to cancel the special meeting and that there would not be a quorum at the meeting.

Mayor Brown said the he has been in touch with the Department of Community Affairs Local Finance Board for advice on how to proceed legally. He said the he intended to meet with DCA in Trenton either Tuesday or Thursday and hoped to get written authorization to have the Borough’s payroll processed in time for the January 15 pay period.

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2 Comments on “Neptune City Democrats Blow Off Special Meeting, Clerk Quits, Bills and Payroll Remain Unpaid”

  1. Lovely. said at 11:30 am on January 8th, 2019:

    Do not blame the clerk for leaving: it happens more than you know, when some officials think they know more than their certified employees, and their arrogance has them ask/order them to do things they know aren’t right. They wanted power and got it, let them stop the nonsense now, and do the right thing for their constituents. And, maybe a majority of their voters will realize that giving the Dems that town wasn’t such a great idea, after all. Hope so.

  2. I find it beyond said at 10:16 pm on January 9th, 2019:

    hilarious that the YouTube link is from Jen Coombs.