Welle Assuming Victory Over Keady In CD-4 Dem Primary, Schedules Event For Night of Dem Convention

Josh Welle, address none of your business, seems to think he has the Democrat nomination in the 4th Congressional District locked up before any of the votes have been counted.

The primary election between Welle and former Asbury Park councilman Jim Keady is tomorrow, June 5.

The Welle campaign has a meet and greet scheduled for Tuesday evening, June 12 in Ocean Grove.

Someone should tell Welle that the Monmouth County Democrats are having a convention that night.

Actually, someone should tell the Monmouth County Democrats that they need to have a convention that night.  I guess I just did.

Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Dave Brown’s term expires on Tuesday, June 12.  Brown was elected to complete Senator and honorary volunteer firefighter Vin Gopal’s term as chairman after he resigned in January of 2017.  That term expires 7 days after the primary.

Maybe the Dems have scheduled a secret convention, as there is nothing scheduled for the 12th on the Monmouth Dems website calendar or facebook page calendar.

MMM called and texted Brown last week to ask if he was running for reelection.  We never heard back from him.  Someone should send him a link to this post.

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2 Comments on “Welle Assuming Victory Over Keady In CD-4 Dem Primary, Schedules Event For Night of Dem Convention”

  1. Scott Neuman said at 6:29 pm on June 4th, 2018:

    Of course Welles will win. He has the line. You’d think Keady would realize that after the beating he got from Lavergne in 2016 and Lavergne only spent $600 to Jim’s $70,000.

  2. Just not said at 10:49 pm on June 4th, 2018:

    feeling “Welle.” Hope the district isn’t either, this year. If a new candidate can’t be more up- front and clear on their job, salary, or actual primary residence, right at the start of their campaign, it does not bode’Welle” for their voters, or their upcoming election..