Welle proclaims “deep, strong, progressive convictions” –Video

When Josh Welle, the Democrat trying to unseat Congressman Chris Smith in New Jersey’s 4th district, was competing with former Asbury Park councilman Jim Keady for the Democrats’ organizational support (and favorable ballot position in the primary election) he proclaimed his deep, strong, progressive convictions–and bemoaned that the 4th is not a progressive district.

Once Welle won “the lines” on the primary ballot, he refused to debate Keady during the primary campaign.

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15 Comments on “Welle proclaims “deep, strong, progressive convictions” –Video”

  1. Just what we need, said at 9:12 am on August 13th, 2018:

    another money- grabbing, re- distributing, border- opening lib, to further take us down the rathole of bankruptcy and weakness.. sad that the man has decided this is how to serve the country.. the voters will decide this important philosophical point!

  2. Thank goodness said at 9:22 am on August 13th, 2018:

    that he is telling the truth about the 4th!

  3. Thank goodness said at 9:22 am on August 13th, 2018:

    that he is telling the truth about the 4th!

  4. Welle Is Now Pandering said at 10:30 am on August 13th, 2018:

    Welle ran to the right of Progressive Jim Keady in the primary and that’s why most Democrat organizations supported him.

    Now Welle is now pandering for the votes of the Progressive hate group District 4 Coalition For Change which went full in supporting Jim Keady.


    Which is the real Josh Welle, Progressive or Centrist? Can you really trust Josh Welle about what his ideals are?

    Can you trust Welle at all?

  5. Proud Republican said at 11:04 am on August 13th, 2018:

    I see this as a good thing. For too long people have bemoaned that there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. The way the Democrats are acting they are showing that there is a huge difference and voting for any Republican no matter how moderate is way better than one of these far-left loons who are threatening to dismantle this country piece by piece.

  6. @ Thank Goodness said at 11:09 am on August 13th, 2018:

    What truth is that, that Congressman Smith DELIVERS for the 4th?

  7. @ Proud Republican said at 11:12 am on August 13th, 2018:

    Exactly right. This is almost as good as having Jim Keady as the candidate. Welle now says “he was Jim Keady before he was Josh Welle.”

    The various municipal Democrat organizations didn’t want Keady on the ballot because Keady is a Progressive. Now the Democrats have a candidate who says he’s a Progressive.

    CD 4 is NOT a Progressive District.

  8. “Welle,” said at 11:00 am on August 15th, 2018:

    at least he is stating his true colors, before the election. Look around the country at all the phonies pretending to be “ moderates,” when we know full well they will vote with the socialist/ progressives, the moment they swear to uphold our Constitution- that oath is becoming a sad joke, now.

  9. Much ado said at 7:50 pm on August 15th, 2018:

    about nothing ultimately. Smith will cruise to his usual double digit victory. The real race to watch is the 3rd where MacArthur is inexplicably in a dogfight.

  10. @ Much Ado said at 10:36 pm on August 15th, 2018:

    IMHO, I wouldn’t worry about MacArthur too much because I suspect Gilmore will fire up a huge get out the vote effort in Republican Ocean County and votes for Hugin will be key.

    Hugin spending YUUUUGLY on Republican GOTV efforts. I suspect it will pay off there. .

  11. We need said at 8:37 pm on August 16th, 2018:

    to try and save the few seats we still have. It would be so helpful if Mr Hugin could win senate! Come on NJ, wake up! Keep it up, we’ll be another Connecticut, Cali, NY.. only a matter of time!

  12. Sucks that said at 9:12 pm on August 16th, 2018:

    this wimp has been at hq harassing the nice director there, filming her and demanding town halls, and being general p. i. a’s. Voters need to understand how important for THEIR futures thus mid- term is! Let’s get it going.

  13. @ Sucks said at 7:30 am on August 17th, 2018:

    Which HQ?

    You mean Smith’s Freehold Office ?

  14. Ask said at 9:52 am on August 17th, 2018:

    the district. These “in your face” intimidation tactics, for cheap, emotional headlines, is becoming not only annoying, but borderline dangerous. Having been in the middle of that horrid demonstration in DC during the last inauguration, I can attest to the aggressive extremes and utter disrespect they have gone and will go to, toward anyone of an opposing view. Freedom of speech and opinion goes for all, not just the brainwashed, spoiled, sore loser libs. We leave you alone, you need to leave us alone. Truth will come out, and thinking taxpayers/ voters will decide..

  15. @ Ask said at 10:19 am on August 17th, 2018:

    Oh, I also can attest to their horrid behavior. They are very sad people. So desperate that they will say anything