Lillian Burry says John Curley threatened her

Monmouth County Freeholder Deputy Director Lillian Burry said that she is one of the many people who have been abused by disgraced Freeholder John P. Curley.   “Don’t lose sight of that Freeholder Curley has a history of abusing people, individually and collectively,” Burry said during a meeting of the Board last week.

Burry said that she was personally threatened by Freeholder Curley during a closed meeting in 2013.  “With pointed fingers he said, ‘I will get you,’ I mean it was really unnerving and everybody sitting there could feel that way.”

The deputy director’s remarks came during an lengthy discussion by the Board over whether or not to second Curley’s motion to censure Burry, Freeholder Director Tom Arnone, and former freeholders Gary Rich and Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso because they were held in contempt by U.S. District Court Judge Brian R. Martinotti.

The judge ruled that the freeholders violated a Court Order when they included content of the investigative report into Curley’s abuse of County employees when they Censured and Reprimanded him in December of last year.  The contempt order is under appeal as the freeholders claim the information contained in the Censure resolution was not derived from the investigative report that remains under seal.

Burry opened her remarks by noting that she was the Freeholder Director when the Censure and Reprimand occurred, that the action of the board was based upon facts and not taken lightly, and that the board was advised that they were in their rights to act as they did.  She closed her remarks by saying there is no second for Curley’s motion and asking her colleagues to move on.

Curley did not deny threatening Burry.  Rather, he justified it by saying she is tough and not easily intimidated.

Curley asked Freeholders Pat Impreveduto and Gerry Scharfenberger to second his motion of Censure against the 2017 Board.  When they didn’t, he sued them personally and in their capacity as freeholders.

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3 Comments on “Lillian Burry says John Curley threatened her”

  1. Marlboro Male said at 1:43 pm on August 28th, 2018:

    If someone landed from another planet and just listened to the victim’s of John’s abuse, they’d be shocked that he is still in office

  2. Gonna be said at 4:06 pm on August 28th, 2018:

    a long 70 days, and longer til Dec 31, his last day.. with hard work, and a smart, focused campaign for the two new Republicans Kiley and Sharfenberger, with any luck, we’ll be able to get past this long series of unfortunate events…

  3. art-pen.ru said at 12:41 am on August 31st, 2018:

    Senator Vin Gopal, Assembly members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey honored Deputy Director Freeholder Lillian Burry for International Women s Day on March 8, 2018.