NJ Dem Chair Gets Pension Boosting Job

NJ Dem Chairman John Currie, standing between Congressman Frank Pallone and state Senator Vin Gopal in 2014. That’s Dem Freeholder candidate Lawrence Luttrell, left of U.S. Senator Cory Booker

Congratulations to NJ Democratic Party Chairman John Currie on his new job as the Public Information Officer of the Passaic County Board of Social Services.  And congratulations to the Board on finally finding the right man for the job after an exhaustive 14 year search.

Currie is the perfect man for the $92,000 part time job because, as the head of the Passaic County Democrats, the New Jersey Democrats, the Passaic Board of Elections and his partnership in a Chevrolet dealership, “he knows everybody,” BSS director Tony Desimone told The Record.

Currie’s task, which has no set hours, is to get more Passaic County residents to sign up for welfare and food stamps, according to the Record article.  He could do that by laying people off from the Chevy dealership and supporting Governor Murphy’s plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

If Currie, 71, stays in the job for three years, his state pension will be based on this combined part-time government salaries of $114,000, instead of just the $22K he makes at the Board of Elections.  He’ll probably need it, because equity on Chevy dealerships isn’t what it used to be.

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8 Comments on “NJ Dem Chair Gets Pension Boosting Job”

  1. Proud Republican said at 11:04 am on April 11th, 2018:

    The worst thing for Democrats is when people are employed and self-sufficient. Like drug dealers, they need people hooked on welfare and food stamps for their survival. Can you think of anything more idiotic and disgraceful than ENCOURAGING people to become dependent on government? Working Democrats should be ashamed of what their party has become

  2. Yes. But they sure said at 11:14 am on April 11th, 2018:

    know how to work the system for all their friends’ maximum benefit. Can’t see the legislature ever tightening it up- at least, not til we wind up on the verge of bankruptcy.

  3. Beyond Hyperbole said at 12:19 pm on April 11th, 2018:

    You sound like a mental patient, Proud Republican, when you ramble on about Democrats. Talk to a doctor about what you are doing online. Get some help.

  4. How do you explain said at 1:54 pm on April 11th, 2018:

    the sick obsession the past few years, of the Dems, who now care more about letting anybody into our country, permanently, to suck up resources/ services that are meant to go to our own citizens? ( and do everything they can to get them registered to vote.) Over the past several decades, it has become more evident, in sheer statistics and actual election results, that Dems know they win largely because of the dumb and dependent, not the hardworking, legal taxpayers! If it wasn’t so blatantly, transparently, expensive and disgraceful, it’d just be embarassing.

  5. Proud Republican said at 3:28 pm on April 11th, 2018:

    @beyond hyperbole – typical of the Democrat mindset. You can’t dispute facts, just call names. Not working – the dem policies are what they are – welfare, criminal rights, high taxes, etc. You own them all

  6. Beyond Hyperbole said at 9:57 am on April 12th, 2018:

    Facts? What facts? Proud Republican, you wouldn’t recognize a fact if you tripped over one. You certainly didn’t write anything factual above.

    If you actually believe the nonsense that you write on this blog site; if you actually believe that the Democrats are plotting and otherwise encouraging people to become dependent upon the government; if you believe those same Democrats are like “drug dealers” who rejoice when self-sufficient people obtain food stamps; if you believe this nonsense, then you are bat-shit crazy. Your paranoia has gotten the best of you.

    Incidentally, telling you that you are mentally ill isn’t name calling as much as it is an act of Christian charity on my part. Again, get some help. Talk to a doctor. Tell the doctor about all these liberal boogeymen that you believe are plotting to ruin the country that you love. Tell the doctor how you feel compelled to go online and write about what these liberal Democrats are doing.

  7. Proud Republican said at 1:24 pm on April 12th, 2018:

    When it is a person’s JOB to sign people up for welfare and food stamps, that clearly is a quest to have people dependent on government. When you have democrats fighting against securing the border, or stop and frisk laws, or cooperating with ICE, they are protecting criminals and encouraging illegal behavior. When you have democrats fighting common sense voter ID laws, that means one thing – they want to be able to cheat. When I see democrats like Bernie Sanders and Phil Murphy trying to turn my country into a socialist cesspool, I say that will ruin my country. Btw, my doctor feels the same way about the America-hating, socialist Democrat party.

  8. Agree, Proud, said at 2:35 pm on April 12th, 2018:

    All you have to do is look at the homeless explosion that is ruining lovely San Francisco, right now: yes, it is that way because delusional Democrats think we can “ love” and “tolerate,“ and ignore,drug addiction, mental illness, laziness and bad behaviors of all our fellow persons, so that common lawfulness and decency go away, and regular taxpayers are expected to put up more tax dollars, and shut up about it. A problem with libs / Dems is that they are not tolerant of any world view but theirs, resort right away to personal attacks, and stifling any rational dialogue in how to better solve society’s many ills- such as “ safe spaces” on campuses against conservatives, for scared snowflakes, who can’t deal with anything other than their own way. Such as demands for “ whiteness-free” zones, ( it used to be called discrimination, when used against people of color,) Such as rioting and damaging public property, simply because they lost an election. Such as saying anyone else’s views are “hate- speech.” Using the same nasty talking points like parrots, on all issues. ( i e lock- step.) I agree with the learned and brave Dr Michael Savage, who, in one of his great books sums it up as “ Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” Period. God help us…