LD 13 Senate Race Has Gone to the Dogs

The race between Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon and Democrat Sean Byrnes, a former one term Middletown Township Committeeman, to succeed Senator Joe Kyillos, has gone to the dogs.

Byrnes and his dogs appeared in a facebook video yesterday criticizing O’Scanlon for voting against a bill that would ban abusive puppy mills in New Jersey.

O’Scanlon didn’t pull any punches in response.

O’Scanlon said the bill that he voted against was a horrific piece of legislation that would have shut down good breeders who love and care for dogs and their welfare.

The bill was designed to let dishonest people like Sean Bynes attack those who really care about the law and getting the law right.
New Jersey already has the toughest animal welfare laws in the nation. Sean Byrnes, as a lawyer ought to know that.

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One Comment on “LD 13 Senate Race Has Gone to the Dogs”

  1. Very cute, said at 9:32 am on November 6th, 2017:

    he is lucky that is a main issue in his district: am predicting a big win for district 13 . Wish the governor and other legislative districts were that certain for us, it is shaping up to be electoral suicide by the mostly uninformed voters of this state..