Video: Dirty Matt Doherty Takes Political Retribution Beyond The Grave

The death of an adversary does not end the battle in Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty’s demented mind.

Joy DeSanctis was a tenacious thorn in Doherty’s side prior to succumbing to pancreatic cancer last January. She was a successful plaintiff in numerous lawsuits against Doherty and the borough.  DeSanctis forced referendums which prevented bonding for Doherty’s pet projects and his unlawful attempt to change the borough’s pay to play ordinance and hide the identity of donors to his ill-fated run for Monmouth County Freeholder last year. Her litigation put a stop to Doherty unlawfully raiding the borough’s beach and parking funds.

While she was alive, Doherty retaliated against DeSanctis by having a port-o-john installed in front of her home during the seafood festival.

Last week, Doherty prevented friends and family of Joy from planting a memorial tree in her honor at Silver Lake Park, the same park where Doherty allowed a friend to land a helicopter without authorization from the council or a permit from the borough.   Council President Brian McGovern, who is also president of the borough’s Shade Tree Commission, had granted permission of the tree planting memorial for DeSanctis months earlier.

“You have intentionally inflicted emotional distress on myself, my children….if that makes you feel good, enjoy the moment,” Joy’s widower, Carmine said  to Doherty at the Borough Council meeting (video above) on Tuesday night.

Katrina Clapsis, Joy’s friend and ally, was ejected from the council meeting and threatened with arrest on Tuesday night. In her statement prior to being ejected (video above) Clapis said, in part,

“Though this planting was in the works for 9 months and the sisters followed instructions in good faith given by the representative of the town of Belmar, Matt Doherty waited until the eleventh hour to step in. Matt will tell you he didn’t know about it, but I tell you I find that hard to believe.

Or that there are rules that must be followed.  We of course know the rules do not apply to Matt Dorehty.
He didn’t get a resolution when he allowed a friend to land a helicopter on public property.  When HE decided the beach would be free on labor day weekend, the resolution came AFTER. So did multiple change orders for the boardwalk project.

Were this a friend of his or another person he deemed worthy, I believe concessions would have been made.  Matt might have even gotten a chance to be on television to show how magnanimous he is.

Instead Matt, in my opinion, proved what a cruel, vindictive little man he really is.”

According to Common Sense for Belmar, a permit for Joy’s tree was issued by the borough’s code enforcement officer on Wednesday. The borough’s response to OPRA requests by former Councilman Jim Bean and Common Sense for Belmar publisher David Schneck, indicate that there have been no other permits issued by the borough for tree memorials since 2011 or for the existing memorial in another borough park for another resident.

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2 Comments on “Video: Dirty Matt Doherty Takes Political Retribution Beyond The Grave”

  1. Theresa M. Pierce said at 8:14 pm on October 20th, 2017:

    There has to be a name for the sickness that
    the mayor of Belmar has. He is never happier
    than being in the papers or on TV. He also calls the residents The Element, Nay Sayers,
    Trouble Makers, The Terrorists and finally
    Obstructionists. Not bad for a small town that
    is so far in debt that the children will not live long enough to see it paid. He ran for a seat in Monmouth County and not 1 District in this town supported him. This weeks fiasco was torturing a family in their grief after losing
    Their wife mother grandmother sister aunt she had many hats. They wanted to honor her and plant a tree on the lake front where she lived. The process being started by her daughters close friends it was approved they were given the place to plant it and 2 days before they were informed that it couldn’t be
    that they needed a permit and not enough time to get it because the Borough does not
    work on weekends. Resident started asking around and found there were no permits to
    plant trees needed. So they were going to plant it and was told they would find it ripped
    out of the ground. On UTube you can see when her friend was telling him what her
    opinion was that she was threatened with
    Arrest. Very scary and dramatic. Unless they take it down you can see it on the Borough
    web site. This is just some information for
    people in general to understand what we are
    dealing with and this is only a small part of it
    all. Thank you for allowing my opinion to be

  2. One of the most said at 10:35 pm on October 21st, 2017:

    frightening aspects of many politicians today is the giant EGOs and personal agendas that take precedence, over the good of their entity. The superficiality and lack of character, manners, and integrity, has become so commonplace we almost expect it, now- we have often accepted the lower quality, and don’t take the time to fight and change it. It also has to do with how personal and nasty campaigns have become: many very bright, dedicated and decent people simply will not run, any more- who wants their life, and family, and sometimes livelihood, trashed, taken down, and ruined?- to many good people, it is just not worth the pain and grief. -Leaving the people/ taxpayers at the mercy of clods like this individual. I hear you and feel your pain: sometimes the only answer, after repeated attempts to defeat them, you may have to just move, someday!