Interactive Map: Charting the Ups and Downs of Dems’ School-Aid Plan

You can toggle between districts by type — elementary, regional HS and K-12 — by clicking in the Visible layers box (K-12 are shown by default). To find a district, zoom in and move the map, or use the search box (with the magnifying glass). Hover over or click on a district for information. A day…

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2 Comments on “Interactive Map: Charting the Ups and Downs of Dems’ School-Aid Plan”

  1. Bob English said at 9:27 am on June 17th, 2017:

    Would note that there are districts in Monmouth County and throughout NJ that already had their state aide drastically cut (and surpluses basically stolen) by the State in 2009 and have never got back close to those aide levels…Whether you want to call it adjustment aide or something else, additional large cuts either would mean cutbacks in programs and/or teachers or raising property taxes to people that are already overtaxed.

  2. Tom Stokes said at 2:07 pm on June 19th, 2017:

    The time has come to actually discuss what needs to be done to provide a proper educational foundation for our youth at a cost that taxpayers, including seniors, can afford.

    We must look at consolidation and centralization of local school districts into county school districts to achieve economy of scale (one Superintendent, one business Administrator and one Business Office).

    Legal costs would similarly be reduced as the central school district would have a labor attorney and a school attorney to deal with all legal issues. A proper Human Resources Department could be adequately staffed.

    This would also centralize labor negotiations where unions and management can deal on a level playing field.

    New funding methods could integrate parental costs (only while they have children in the school system), and property taxes. Equal amounts should be spent on a per capita basis (student population) regardless of the county involved. If we truly believe in equality, no one child should receive more, or less, funding than another.

    Indeed, part of the educational strategy should be to include charter schools as part of the overall system to IMPROVE educational outcomes.

    The ultimate goal must be to radically improve the educational system, its delivery of these services, and rein in the costs before taxpayers are forced to flee the State of New Jersey.

    Let’s actually start the discussion before its too late. Education is too critical to our country’s future to leave the status quo in place.

    That will truly make America great again!