Christie nominates Assemblyman Dave Rible as Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Dave Rible

Assemblyman Dave Rible confirmed a report by InsiderNJ that Governor Christie has nominated him to be the Director of Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  The nomination appeared on the State Senate’s website on Thursday.

“I’m humbled with the Governor’s trust and confidence and I’m excited to move the ABC in a direction that helps both current and future licenses,” Rible, of Wall Township, said in a phone interview with MMM.

Rible said he would not resign his seat in the Assembly, where he holds the #2 Republican leadership position, until his appointment is confirmed by the Senate.  Rible said he was uncertain about the timing of his confirmation.  It could happen as soon as this month, he said, or it could happen after the election in November.  He said he would stand for reelection to the Assembly if he is not confirmed before the election.

If confirmed, Rible will officially be replacing Michael I. Halfacre of Fair Haven. Halfacre resigned the position in June of 2015 to return to the practice of law and became the Executive Director of the New Jersey Beer Wholesalers Association in December of 2015.

Jonathon Orsen has been serving as the Acting Director of the Division. Orsen is on the verge of becoming a Tax Court Judge.  The Senate Judiciary Committee approved his nomination on Thursday.

Should Rible resign his seat in the Assembly, the vacancy will be filled by a convention of the 30th district County Committee members.   His role as nominee for the next term in the Assembly would likely go to the same person.  Should Rible’s resignation come after the election in November, his replacement would have to compete in a special election next fall, assuming he wins in November.

The term of Rible’s nomination at ABC is not clear at this time.  The Senate website says he is nominated “for the term prescribed by law.”

According to NJ 52:17B-16the director ” shall serve during the term of office of the Governor appointing him and until the director’s successor is appointed and has qualified..”

Another member of the legislature speculated that a deal has been struck with Senate President Sweeney to the effect that Rible would serve into the term of the next governor.  Christie’s term expires in January.

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4 Comments on “Christie nominates Assemblyman Dave Rible as Director of Alcoholic Beverage Control”

  1. Teddy Ehmann said at 9:23 am on June 16th, 2017:

    A review of campaign contributions to Rible reveals major contributions from liquor lobbies. No conflict of interest there.

  2. Let the said at 9:48 am on June 16th, 2017:

    games begin, again..and, the running for the exits, as this admin. winds painfully down.. if what we suspect might happen with the election in Nov., it might almost not matter who elbows their way in to replace- Ocean is more dependable electorally, really..hope he gets a Dem ok in writing, though- they almost never hire or keep Reps in appointed jobs..fact.

  3. See you in SC, Dave! said at 5:51 pm on June 16th, 2017:

    Sounds to me like the settlers from Lakewood are block-busting Dave’s neighborhood like they’ve done in other neighboring towns.

    Dave is likely calculating that he can “gracefully” give up his seat in the Assembly, get another well paying government job for another year or two, and once the block-busting is complete in his neighborhood, Dave will retire on his NJ Police +government pensions down to sunny South Carolina and not have to worry about leaving the state while being an elected Assemblyman; and Singer & Co, probably have Dave’s replacement from Lakewood already selected.

    Good for you, Dave! See you in South Carolina, where property taxes are affordable, homes are affordable, and a pension from NJ taxpayers goes a long way!

  4. Or, Florida! said at 7:32 pm on June 16th, 2017:

    Hear ya, loud and clear!