ABC charges two Jersey Shore establishments with liquor law violations

Drinking_teenagers_1107904cTrenton- Alcohol Beverage Control Director Michael Halfacre announced charges against two Jersey Shore area drinking establishments today.

Forked River House of Lacey Township is charged with serving alcohol to actually or apparently intoxicated individuals on six occasions between August of 2012 and March of 2013.  In each occasion, the patrons were arrested for driving while intoxicated after leaving the establishment.  Their blood alcohol concentration ranged from .15% to .21%.    In New Jersey, a person is guilty of drunk driving if their blood alcohol concentration is .08% or greater.

Porta, the Asbury Park pizza restaurant is charged with serving alcohol to two underage women during the summer of 2012.  Undercover investigators arrested two 20 year old women for underage drinking on June 9, 2012.  A month later investigators arrested a third 20 woman for underage drinking at Porta.

“The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control and its partners work tirelessly to ensure licensees strictly obey our laws regarding who may be served alcohol,” said Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman. “Myriad dangers result from serving patrons too much alcohol or serving those under 21.An intoxicated person can unleash deadly consequences behind the wheel, and study after study has shown the physical and emotional harm caused by underage drinking.Licensees who ignore these dangers and break the law must face appropriate penalties.”

“The ABC is on the front line in the battle against drunk driving. Safety on New Jersey’s roads begins with responsible service at New Jersey’s bars and restaurants,” Halfacre said. “Owning a liquor license in New Jersey can be a fantastic investment, but that license brings with it many responsibilities, including making sure that your customers are not being served to a point of intoxication.”

Should the establishments contest the charges, they will have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  Halfacre will then determine weather to accept the ALJ’s findings.

ABC is seeking to suspend Forked River Houses’s license to serve alcohol for 180 days. Porta faces a 60 day suspension.

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One Comment on “ABC charges two Jersey Shore establishments with liquor law violations”

  1. Ouch said at 9:54 pm on July 3rd, 2014:

    Thank god someone is finally cracking down on bars that are a menace to society. I understand that some places bring in a crowd that is rowdy and loud, but 6 DUI’s in 8 months from the same bar… come on man, quite while your a head.

    Good Job to Monmouth County’s own Mike Halfacre!