Halfacre Leaving The Christie Administration

Michael Halfacre

Michael Halfacre

Michael Halfacre submitted his resignation as Director of the New Jersey Division of Alcohol Beverage Control to Acting Attorney General John Hoffman yesterday, effective June 30,2015.

Under Halfacre’s leadership since March of 2012, the ABC is credited with cracking down on underage drinking, the sale of alcohol to the already intoxicated, and penalizing establishments that were scamming consumers by “drink substitution,” i.e. charging customers for the “top shelf” drinks they ordered while actually serving cheaper booze.

During Halfacre’s tenure, new laws were implemented for the brewing and distilling industry which have lead to an emerging micro brewing industry.  Additionally, new rules were written to regulate the direct sale of wine to consumers by out-of-state wineries.

“I am grateful to the Christie Administration and the Attorney General’s Office for the opportunity I have had to serve the people of New Jersey and the industry,” Halfacre said, “I have loved working at ABC with great people.  I have love impacting the issues we have dealt with.  It has been a good three years.”

The former mayor of Fair Haven, Halfacre is returning to the private practice of law with a prestigious New Jersey based firm.

A contender for the GOP nomination for Congress in the 12th district in 2010, Halfacre said he does not have an eye on returning to the political arena. “I’m think I’m done with done with elected office.”


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One Comment on “Halfacre Leaving The Christie Administration”

  1. Another "Christie Republican" Jumping Ship said at 5:58 pm on May 22nd, 2015:

    Halfacre is wise to get off the sinking ship of the USS Christie. It remains to see how many other “Christie Republicans” throughout Monmouth County will suffer at the hands of the electorate this November.

    And when the Senators come up for re-election in two-years, it will be interesting to see how it impacts their chances as well.

    Remember, it was the “Christie Republicans” in the senate that refused to override the governor in his veto for reform at the Port Authority. Those that refused to overturn the veto to support their original votes–will undoubtedly come back to haunt them!

    I guess the “Christie Republicans” support patronage, and corruption.